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Weight Gain Worries!


Hello all,

Been awhile since I posted! But I had a couple concerns. Maybe, I only need a reality check.

I am 6'4". Been reading a lot of information on here and applying it slowly. Ideally my goal has been to reach 210 or so but, for some reason the idea of putting on more weight sounded appealing (just not the fat).

I went on vacation for 3 weeks. Before the vacation started I was about 225. Needless to say, my vacation took me to NY (I live on an island with not many things to indulge in) and I indulged in just about everything.

I ate a lot, my meals got a lot bigger. I cut back where I could and didnt eat anything too greasy nor did I eat a drink hardly any soda. I also, which differs from my island life, hardly drank any alcohol. I went to a full-fledged gym, got a trainer for a week, and probably worked out every 3-4 days while there. Full body but mostly blasting the hell out of my legs.

Now, I have returned from my trip. I weigh 240, but no higher than that. My bodyfat % from my Tanita scale (on Athletic mode, which I was told ot use) is 18% at highest and 16% at lowest.

Yes I do notice some areas a with a little more weight here and there but in general, most people here tell me I dont look like I gained anything in 3 weeks for fat. But I also know nobody gains 15pds of muscle in 3 weeks.

My question is... well... whats the deal? I am a little worried now. I put on 15 pds in 3 weeks. Is that good? Bad? Hell, do you think its mostly fat?! Will it be easier to lose? Should I even freak out or see it as a positive thing? Should I continue to gain or lose weight? How does my 16-1% bodyfat, 6'4" 240 sound like to most of you?

Thanks in advance. Oh yes, finally while in the US I bought supplements - powder, creatine, flax, various things I read on here.



Well weither fat or LBM you should be able to see a 15lb increase in the mirror. Do you look good?

How do your clothes fit?

Are they getting tight in Bad or Good places? Etc..

You will really have to take a look and evaluate. Are you moving towrd or away fronm your ultimate goal.

Also if you were carb restricted and then went free for all for a bit a good amount of that may simply be stored glycogen and water.


Tanita scales suck. That is all.


I bet it was nice eating all that food and working out so hard, eh? I know that I love doing that.

Now just try to subtly change your diet so that you eat the same amount, but it's from chicken breasts, lean meats, fish, vegitables, and fruits. Maybe also some fish oil, flax, and oats. Continue busting your ass in the gym too, and you'll see big changes in body composition.

Just my opinion...


They are fine for just plain old weight measurement.


Recommend an alternative!


Don't bother. Isn't the mirror and your progress at the gym a good enough measure? What would you differently if you were really 15% bf or 14% bf. In terms of your gain, it's got to be fat, water, and muscle. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just scale back a little and continue to train hard. Things should work themselves out.


It's hard to say. It could be mostly water weight and a little bodyfat.

It could also be that you were overtrained and those weeks off allowed your muscles to recuperate.

Probably a mix of the two.

We're of similar size (I'm 6'3" around 255) and when I was keeping close track of my bodyweight, I had days where I could fluctuate 11lbs between morning and night. Most of the difference was due to stomach content and water.

For the scale, I'd take the reading with a grain of salt; those scale are know to vary wildly depending on hydration and other factors. The best way to use it is to always weigh yourself under the same conditions. First thing in the morning would probably be best. Comparison between numbers should indicate whether your bodyfat is increasing or decreasing. Whether the number itself is exact is not of utmost importance.

As an alternative, a good old tape measure and calipers are probably your best bet. They take much longer to use (depending on how many spots you measure with the calipers) but the reading should allow you to get a better estimate of bodyfat.

Myself, I don't really take the bodyfat number as "precise" but simply check if the trend increases or decreases. This helps a lot when bulking or cutting or when changing training regimen.


15 pounds in 3 weeks? Damn bro, its hard enough to gain that much muscle mass while on juice let alone naturally. I doubt that much of it is muscle mass, might be mostly water and fat bro. Care to share your diet plan? All that fast weight gain can come back and bite you on your ass brotha.


I'd have to agree.

I don't weigh quite as much, but I can easily drop or gain five pounds in a day by changing my eating habits or becoming a bit dehydrated during a hot day.

Return to your normal dietary routine for three or four days (if that wasn't factored in already) and see where you are. This may be a more accurate measure of any loss or gain over the timeframe.


Aye same here.I weight myself once a week every friday morning before I eat breakfast. Those numbers on the scale will drive ya crazy if ya let em.Much like everyone else I just use it as a guide for my progress.


Well guys, its been probably 5 or so days since I posted.

Carnival is now over (and the massive drinking) and I am settling back into my routine slowly. Soon I'll be back at scuba diving and hiking again - and of course the gym here.

Now I weight 232.

I guess I'll assume the trip to NY somewhat shocked my system. Some water weight, I know a good bit of fat, and if Im lucky some muscle too.

Atleast I can walk away knowing I'm not in anyway a hardgainer. I hope building muscle will go easier.

Anyhow, while in NY I picked up a bunch of different books. Mens Health Book of Muscle. Dardens NEW HIT. I tried finding Berardis Gourmet Nutrition but with no luck. I have his Scrawny to Brawny book though.

Now I can start with a fresh slate. Picking a program suited to me would be great. Should I start the STB program even though I am not, shall we say, too scrawny? haha

Thanks all!