Weight Gain Supplements?

Hey, ive seen lots of products Though these seem to be just for muscle gain and not weight, is there any hidden gems out there i havent been able to find?

I had always thought creatine was used as a multi purpose weight and muscle gain product but from what ive read it only seems to be the latter.

Thanks for taking the time.


Weightgainers are just calories. You can get calories from food. Eat food!

Do you think muscle is weightless or something?

Go eat some food.

why would you want to gain weight that wasnt muscle? are you saying you want a muscle and fat gainer as opposed to just a muscle gainer?

Have you tried eating through The Cycle?
I strongly recommend it for weight gain if you want to gain more than just muscle.

Step 1) Go to Wendy’s
Step 2) Order a Single w/ cheese, Double w/cheese, Triple w/cheese
Step 3) Eat them in that order
That’s it!

Since living the bodybuilding lifestyle is about progression you will want to know how to make this challenge harder. I recommend starting the progression by adding bacon to all sandwiches. You can go as high as 5 strips per sandwich but if you dare to add 6 strips it is called the “Baconator cycle.”

Once you have mastered the Baconator cycle you will want to progress by adding frequency. Start with one cycle per week and progress to 2-3 cycles per week. After frequency I would toy around with intensity by timing your cycle and shooting for bigger bites and less chewing as speed is key. And finally, volume for those that need to up the ante. For increasing volume go with the spicy chicken sandwich. But remember the spicy chicken sandwich must always be eaten last or the cycle can not be counted as regulation.

Don’t be afraid to sweat, if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

the lack of sarcasm on this site is formidable

But on a serious note has anyone ever attempted The Cycle?

That’s the wimpy cycle.

Order one of everything with a supersize diet cola.

The cola is to help you burp.

Fries are optional.