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Weight Gain Supplements during Mag 10 cycle

I am curious to know what anyone thinks about those weight gain supplements that have 1000+ calories per serving and if they would be very beneficial during a Mag 10 cycle? Thank you.

Thats just a big bucket of sugar. It tastes like shit, and I packed on way more fat than muscle when I tried one a couple of years ago.

they could be beneficial if you cut the serving size. You need lots of calories while on Mag-10, but I don’t think you should get half of them in on sitting. Break the shakes up into smaller ones and add more protein to them.

Weight gainers are crap. Try the healthy version Chris wrote about at T-mag using mostly real foods: advanced protein, natural PB, skim milk, cottage cheese. Blend them up and drink 2 a day. That’s an easy 1600 calories per day if not more. The taste is great and not just a bunch of sugar like store bought weight gainers.