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Weight Gain So Far...


Well after eating non stop and working out everyday after school, I've gained 5 pounds and I got my bench up to 120 for 2 reps. (Been doing this for little less than a week.)

I think I'm making good improvements, hopefully I'll get my bench back up to 155. By the end of the year, I hope to have it around 200-210 for a 1rm.

I do a mix of exercises. Usually stick with bench and shoulder shurgs each day, along with chins and dips.

I'm looking forward to going back and working out monday since my body will have time to rest since of vetrens day and the rest of the weekend.

Also I eat 5-7 tbs of peanut butter 3 times a day along with plenty of milk.

I have some in the morning, some when I get home from working out, and finally some after dinner.

If anyone has any suggestions to aid me I would greatlly appreciate them.

Thanks for all the help so far!



First what does your whole routine look like?

Second if your only benching 110lbs I would say you have no need to be using that weight for sets of 2 reps. Stick with sets of 8-12 reps, you can still make great gains with this and save the near maximal weights for when you need it.


Keep it up. The strength will come with intense workouts. Eat a lot like you are now.


Mondays are an all body workout. I do bench, db press, chins, dips, squats, deadlifts, curls, military presses, and run to get conditioned for track.

Tuesdays I usually focus on my upper body. I do chins, dips, incline db press, shoulder shurgs, curls, and military presses, and run.

Wenesday is my lower body day, I do deadlifts, squats, leg curls, and jog. I'm also learning how to power clean, and will eventually add that in.

Thursday is another all body work out.

Fridays I usually take it easy I do db flies, db press light squats, chins, and dips.

I did the 120lb to max out that day, after doing it for 2 reps I think my 1rm will be 130 lbs.

I usually do 3 sets and 5 reps on all my exercises. I also usually do 115 on the bench all 3 sets.


Feels good, doesn't it?

Just weight(pun intended) until you hit like 175 and you'll get all amped... Then 180...185. It rocks to keep seeing the results and the numbers go up. Keep at it man, The Nation supports you.


Seriously, at that low weight, I wouldn't even be bothering to bench until I could do AT LEAST 35 push ups.


Never do that weekly routine again.

Find a routine by Ct or Chad Waterbury right now!

According to your last post you do military presses twice a week. You also do deadlifts and squats twice a week. With your routine you will overtrain and develop imbalances. You have too many pressing movements and no rowing movements. It is good you are doing good exercises like deadlifts,squats,chins ect. If you can squat/deadlift twice a week you probably aren't working hard enough.


After looking over a few of Chad Waterbury's methods, I think I'm going to try a few tips he has talked about, mainly the 10x3. I usually did 3 sets of about 5 reps, hopefully this new set/rep training regiment will allow me to make more gains.

Thanks so far!


Now, don't go all spastic on me, but if your only benching 120lbs for 2 reps you may well need to eat. BTW, how old are you?

You are right, milk and peanut butter are very good sources of protein, however my experience with milk has told me to go easy on it. IE lots of flatulance, decreased anaerobic & aerobic performance. If you want to get your protein through liquids your best off investing in some Grow!, which can be bought off this site. One pint serving of this would give you three times the amount of protein found in milk without all the sugar. As for how many calories you are getting use a site like fitday. If you don't know how many calories you require each day to get bigger and stronger i highly reccomend you check out this link:


Also, from what i gather from your post you are nto training legs. Now, if you are a frat boy i guess telling you the only way you'll make big gains with the upper body, IS BY TRAINING LEGS ASWELL, maybe that'll put you straight.

Best of luck.


I'm 16 6'3 and weigh right now 145lbs, I did weigh 140 a week ago today, so the gains are coming.

I also looked into Chad Waterbury's articles and am starting the 10x3 and the 4x6 work out routine.

I do deadlifts and squats for my lower body.

Today I did 175 lb DL for 10 reps, it is getting much easier to bench, squat, and deadlift.

Since I didn't do any squats today I will start with those tomorrow, as well as chins and dips which I do everyday when I go workout.

Thanks for the adive so far guys!

T-Nation rock!



dude im gonna be 17 in a week and ive been doing this since i was 14 and im still making crazy gains,i took a week off about 2 weeks ago,came back and all my lifts went up 20-50lbs it was awesome!taking a week off with a bench of 210,coming back to find its now 240....thats just kickass,and it can happen to you if you just stick with it and eat.i really do mean EAT,you probably dont wana eat too much junkfood since you run track(some guys get their bulk in a 50 junkfood/50 good food ratio)

and do you do the mile/100m/400m,or what?the 100m wont hurt your size enough to not gain weight,but too much cardio does limit growth...now lets recap,it LIMITS does not STOP growth.

so eat,eat,eat,go heavy(within reason,gotta be able to walk into school the next day)and make sure you get lots of sleep,i never do and i stay sore for so much longer.