Weight Gain Slump


This is my 2nd post(under a different user name) and I’m still struggling to gain size.

I’m really convinced that I don’t have the genetic makeup to gain size naturally. I’ve tried switching my exercises every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc. I’ve tried changing my reps from 3 sets of 6 (2 minute + break between sets), 3 sets of 8-12, never to fail (2 minute break+ between sets), 4 sets of 8, to maximum, fail (1minute maximum break between sets, and just recently (2 weeks) have been eating 4000 calories plus, 225 - 250g of protein, 500g of carbs, etc. So far there is no change. I have absolutely no idea what else to do but take steroids. The saddest thing about it is my goals aren’t very unrealistic for a natural bodybuilder. 16.5 inch arms, 43 inch chest, etc.

Is there anyone that can offer some information on what I can do to gain some size because so far i’ve been wasting a lot of valuable time.

PS. I have given myself rest between workouts for at least 1 week.

what exercises, what is your height and weight and age?

For chest I will start with either hammer strength 4 sets of 8-10(fail) or free weights 4sets 8-10(fail) then to free weight flies 4 sets (fail), pull overs 3 - 4 sets (fail) and incline dumbbell press 4 sets (fail). For arms I will do either 4 sets of tricep extensions and pulldowns or extensions and some hammer strength exercise. for biceps i’ll do curls with the bar and seated curls on hammer strength or freeweight bar. For shoulders I will do shoulder press with the lever then with the smith or with freeweights , or behind neck press with hammer strength. And for my lateral deltoid i will usually do a upright row with the smith and with a barbell or I will use the lever. Back I use the cable for seated row, seated row on lever, bent over row barbell, and other hammer strength exercises.

All exercises are 4 sets of 8 - 10 (mainly 8) and until fail.

I change my exercises often but no matter what I do it seems i can’t grow beyond what I did during my first weight gains.

I’m 5 foot 11 inches, 200 pounds and am 22 years of age.

You didn’t mention your legs, are you training them?

You talked about training a lot, and diet a little but I think you have it backwards. If you are gaining strength(are you?) in the gym and not gaining size it’s DIET 90% of the time that’s holding you back. Also you mentioned you’ve been eating more for two weeks, which really isn’t much time to allow more than a couple lbs difference.

The diet that got you from 180-200 and stalled(or whatever, just using numbers) is NOT the same amount of food that’s going to get you to 220. Your protein is low for someone interested in gaining size, someone your size would be better with around 350 grams per day. Even if you weren’t training if you ate a big enough diet you’d gain fat, if you aren’t gaining anything then you just aren’t putting in enough food. Figure out how much you are eating now, add to it(protein first) until you start gaining and continue this process until you are on the move towards your size goals. I’ll post on your training in a minute.

You at least appear to be only training your upper body, if that’s wrong correct me.

Lot’s of exercises, lot’s of sets, lot’s of to failure training, not a lot of success.

If you reversed all of those things, fewer exercises, fewer sets to failure, I think you’d be moving in the direction of sucess.

Train in the manner that you believe will give you the greatest strength gains on the bodybuilding movements. Your arms will be 16.5 inches whether you like it or not by the time you are alternate dummbbell curling the 70s for 10+ reps and close gripping 315x10. Train like a powerlifter, eat like an off season bodybuilder and do some cardio like a pre contest bodybuilder and I think you(along with everyone else struggling with size gains) will be much happier with their results.

Where’s your squats? Where’s your deadlifts? Pull ups, chin ups, step ups, lunges, glute ham raise, dips…and so on…

READ MORE. You need to educate yourself with the information available on this website.

Limiting belief: “I can’t gain size naturally.”

Effective belief: “My current training, diet, lifestyle are not yielding gains desired. What more can I learn about making modifications in my training so that I see results again?”

Find time to read 5 articles per day. Print them out and read them while waiting in line, on the bus, etc if you have to. Knowledge is the key to success. Apply what you learn to your training and start believing that you have more growth potential.

you need to read and educate yourself more like anthropocentric said.

You don’t need steroids. And unless you write down everything you eat and calculate everything, you’re probably not eating as much as you think.

Post what you have eaten the last few days, I would guess you aren’t getting nearly as many calories as you think you are. From the look of it diet is your problem not your workout.

I’ve done legs, I’ve done squats and my diet has been VERY GOOD. I rarely eat any fatty food, and i calculate all my calories, carbs and protein intake per day.

I’ve educated myself. I’ve taken advice from someone who has is very fit. I’ve also spoken with a kinesiologist and she told me a plan which hasn’t worked either.

I’ve tried a lot and nothing has worked. Any of you have any work out routines that may work for gaining size?

I will also read on this site, and see if it can shed some light

This could be your problem right there.

Do you eat any fats at all? Whole eggs? Fish oil? Nuts?

[quote]Synth1 wrote:
I’ve done legs, I’ve done squats and my diet has been VERY GOOD. I rarely eat any fatty food, and i calculate all my calories, carbs and protein intake per day.


Please post an example day of your food intake, with both type and amount of food you are eating and we’ll have a look at it.

yes. I meant to say unhealthy fatty foods. My mistake.

I eat vegetables, fruits, eggs, oatmeal, fish, etc. Very healthy.

you say you “have done squats”
how regularily do you do them and some of the other big “money” exercises? + how hard and for how long have you been?

ps from the sounds of it, you drastically need to start learning becuase your “education” sounds brutally sketchy and incomplete

oh, and 4000 calories isnt that much to try to make gains from really, and consistancy would be your best friend…with training legs and back and everything, with having a good solid program and following it longer to the “T”, and eating alot(frequency seems to have helped me in the past more than giant meals), for a long time

read up on the anabolic diet. garanteed you’ll get bigger from that.

4000 Calories doesn’t seem that much for someone who is 200lbs. I weigh 160lbs and i’m on a 3500 calorie diet for gaining weight.

If you aren’t getting stronger, do less - like 1 set of the big compound moves per week, or whatever means you can add weight to the bar. If you aren’t getting bigger, eat more - like 4500 solid calories per day plus 4 litres of whole milk to come in at around 6000 calorie per day.

Don’t give up. The percentage of people who are REALLY “hardgainers” is about the same as the percentage of people who are REALLY “easygainers”. Almost everyone is somewhere in between - neither a Woody Allen nor a Big Ron.

Just eat heavier weights and eat more food. Give it time.

From my understanding of steroids is you should be using every other legit (none phony) supplement before you start doing them. You should be on mega doses of fish oil, BCAAs, and be taking beta alinine, creatine, and ZMA.

If steroids are illegal in your country you need to ask your self some very important questions.
“Is this worth it?”
“Am I willing to go to jail/prison for this”

Iv been put in jail for not thinking about what I was doing, trust me its not worth it.

I’ve read this exact thread on here a few times over the years. They all seem to be the same, the OP insists they have done everything right and are eating enough to gain weight, people all give the only advice that works - and then the OP repeats his/herself again and again.

If you aren’t gaining weight you need to eat more.

1 of the diet plans that i was given was to only eat 3300 calories per day and this was from a licensed kinesiologist(sp?). I noticed that wasn’t working and decided to eat more (4000 calories) and still no gains. I’ve been working out for over a year and prior to these few weeks my diet has been POOR! Yesterday, most of my comments were rushed and weren’t as specific as I would have liked them to be. My diet throughout my training has been poor. I’d go on and off with eating a lot of calories but never the right amount of protein or carb intake. However, my workout routines have been fine.

An interesting article that I read “Training for Newbies, Part 1” mentioned rep-ranges and how many reps were needed for what type of gains I was looking for. It seemed pretty accurate relative to what I was trying to accomplish. the 6 - 8 rep range apparently is supposed to be strength and size gains and of equal proportion(when the strength gains stopped, so did the muscle growth). 9-12 would be size and strength (but more size then strength) and 13-15 would be seize gains with a little muscular endurance gains. This couldn’t be more correct as far as I’m concerned. I would always do 3 set of 6 - 10 reps and gaining quite a bit of strength with slight size gains (until the strength gains stopped and then i’d be pretty much at a plateau as far as both size and strength).

I will boost my calorie intake to 4000 - 4500 (which btw because the licensed kinesiologist(sp?)told me 3300 calories a day, i’ve eaten within 3300 and 4000 a day)and move my rep range up to 12 - 15.

Ty for all the help so far. It’s much appreciated.