Weight gain rate

whatz the average weight gain rate for a
beginner/intermediate lifter who trains 3-4 times a week and takes creatine/protein?

I assume you’re very new at this? There’s really no way to answer it. If you want to get fat, then you gain a whole lot of weight very quickly. Muscle gain is different. And your overall diet plays the biggest role, not just the fact that you’re taking creatine, which BTW, causes a whole lot of initial water gain so don’t think you really put on four pounds of muscle in a week. Then there are genetic issues, and the list goes on and on… Start reading the Dawg School articles at T-mag. They’ll help.

It totally depends on diet, training & mentality. I’ve heard of really experienced guys doing 20 rep breathing squats gaining 12lbs in a week, 30lbs in 1-1.5 months, or 100lbs in a year. A newbie can count growing at least as fast as that. 20 rep squats is probably the hardest routine anyone can do though.

Old ladies knit at least 3-4 times of week and, if they eat red meat, get creatine and protein. In other words, there is are a lot more pieces to the puzzle than you realize.