Weight Gain Problems After Decreasing Calories

Hi there.

Well, I decided to look for a help or tips here (the best website on the internet for fitness).

So, i’m 180cm , 108kg guy. Never actually looked out for calories, and things like that. I just started lifting 8 months ago. Now, I have at least 35% body fat… And I decided to do the calorie counting.

I decreased my calorie intake by around 600 ( 1900 ) and… Did that for a month or so, but… when steped on the scale, the opposite happened. I actually gain 4kg.

What can I be doing wrong?

For my diet, I usually eat “clean” , meat, veggies, hee and there something sweet. So rich in protein, low in carbs. And yet still… I don’t know what to do… :frowning:

If anyone ever reads this, please give some feedback, as I’m desperate.

If you’ve never counted before how did you determine how many calories to consume?

Usually you should get an estimate of your maintenance calories and eat at that for a time while observing how your bodyweight changes. If your body weight goes up you are eating in a surplus. It if it trends down you’re in a deficit. Stays the same you’re around about maintenance.

If you wish to increase/decrease the speed of gain/loss you should make a small adjustment to your caloric intake.

If you have gained weight you have been in a caloric surplus the majority of the time. It’s as simple as that.

Its most likely you haven’t been sticking to the diet. You’ve been eating more than you think. Snacking, estimating, eating/drinking more and not counting everything can mean that you end up consuming many more calories than you intended.

With your stats 1900 cal is more than enough to lose weight. Actually it’s probably too little calories, making it harder to stay disciplined on your diet leading to cheating and overall poor results.

What kinds of food you eat is not as important as how much you eat when dieting for body composition.

Consistency is even more important. If you diet correctly one day and cheat the next you end up in the same place no matter how long you diet.


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Don’t eyeball portions - measure them bro
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Haha, nice! Thanks.

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