Weight Gain on TRT

Has anyone experienced weight gain on try? I’ve been on it for about 6 months and I gained about 30lbs I quit drinking and drop 10 of that but it seems to be a struggle to lose the rest. I lift 4-5 days a week for about an hour and half each time so I’m hoping some of the weight is muscle. But Im still concerned because this is the heaviest I very ever been.
I’m injecting 100mg a week and my endocrinologist says all my levels are normal.

Estradiol sensitive lab is needed.

30lbs seems pretty high. You will get better responses if you post your labs. Not sure what your endo means by “normal range”.

All she told me was my estrogen, cortisone and thyroid were within the normal range. And my testosterone is at 1,032. Other then the weight gain I feel great. No symptoms of high estrogen.

It’s not uncommon for guys to gain weight after starting TRT, your body is searching for a new balance and you will eventually lose the weight. Your appetite is likely higher and your body requires energy in order to force tissue regeneration.

We don’t like the use of words “normal range”, doctors use it to often and are wrong more than half the time. The proof is in the labs.

I can see that since normal range is such a wide margin. I see her again in April I’ll ask for all.my lab results then. I just don’t want her to lower my Test dose because I feel so friggin good where I am at right now

Most have to spend many months finding the correct dosage for them, not everyone is going to feel their best at midranges, some do better near the high normal ranges.

If you’re only injecting once weekly you might try 50mg twice weekly unless you have high SHBG.

Those are YOUR labs. Just call the office and have them send them to you, they cant refuse. Even if it means they make a copy and mail it to you. My docs office is so archaic they have to fax them to me (fax → email) but never have a problem sending them on request.