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Weight Gain on TRT. 20 Pounds in 12 Weeks

I’m 47 years old and I’ve been on TRT for about 12 weeks and have gained about 20 lbs. I hit the gym no less than 5 days a week and tropically start my workout with a 2 mile run to warm up. I would love to Say that this is muscle however, it seems to be in the lower back and love handles. This is driving me crazy.

I am currently on 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate with Anastrozole infused. I am injecting 50 mg twice a week subcutaneously. I also was prescribed HCG and inject 50 units twice a week.

I receive my labs and my Testosterone Serum was 916 ng/dL and Estradiol was 31.8 pg/mL. My Hematocrit levels aren’t a bit high at 51.6 but I will be donating a pint of blood again in a few weeks.

Any theories on what may be going on. Is elevated estrogen messing with me?

My original labs before TRT has Testosterone at 354 ng/dL and Estradiol at 21.9 pg/mL


Weight gain is pretty common when starting TRT. Water retention mixed with an increased appetite will cause it. You may have to be a little more strict about what you’re eating.

Running 2 miles before every workout is pretty excessive unless you want to be an endurance athlete. If you’re complaining about not building enough muscle, this is one thing you will want to cut back on.


Your E2 levels aren’t very high, in the beginning your body and hormonal system are all over the place trying to figure things out, that may be part of it. As said above, watch your diet and work on measurements and mirror as opposed to the scale. You’ll definitely pick up weight on TRT, just make sure it’s lean mass. Midsection fat in men is often carb related, what does your carb intake look like?

I’d avoid the run every day before lifting. For me separating lifting days and “cardio” days work better, then I have the energy to focus on the lifts. Cardio training for me is bar complexes.

Probably not. Keep in mind it increased 50% while testosterone nearly tripled. You could be retaining fluid, which if so, should subside over time. How is the diet? Activity/routine changes? Many are reporting weight gain with the COVID-19 induced change in lifestyle/routines.

In my experience two things lead to weight gain on TRT - normal water retention that is from all androgens(not only e2) and too much eating. The first one will go away after 3 months, for the second one if you are like me - god help you :smiley:

The anastrozole can throw fluid balance off, I gained weight on it around the same areas as you. It seems docs are attempting to make their job easier or are just a little behind the times by prescribing anastrozole instead of spending the time making adjustments to your TRT dosing.

It could also be the method of injection, I aromatase like crazy injecting SQ. The HCG is known to cause excess water weight as well. I’ll bet your issues are related to the HCG and anastrozole.

As said above, probably just water retention from the androgens. I put on about the same and then it all came off in a couple of weeks. Every time I change my protocol I will retain a little water for a few weeks and then level out.

I put on 20lbs as well in the beginning. I haven’t lost most of it though, but I also don’t do shit workout wise and I’m still fairly sure at least some of it was muscle.