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Weight Gain on Testosterone?


Hey guys, so ever since I started TRT (100 mg/week) and had upper range t levels ~900, I have gained almost 10 pounds. Its been about 3 months. I was at about the same for years before this. A lot of it has been muscle, but I feel like I’m not eating any more than I did before. Anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?


Same thing happened to me but even though i quit smoking roughly same time, i am not eating that much more.
While the body is putting on muscle due to extra Testosterone, is also converting , test into estrogen causing water retention, my trt doc wont give me arimedix, so i am going to try arimestane and see if that works.
I also just started train more intensely last march, and I’ve had people tell me i look more muscular.
So if arimistane can help shed 15 or so pounds water i would be happy.


It’s relieving to hear that. Just wanted to know that something wasn’t wrong with me.


Some of the guy’s docs put on arimedix with the trt, mine won’t, she did say the less bdfat you have the less estrogen will be converted.
The shots are the best choice don’t waste time with gels or even pellets.
So lift away.


I gained about the same when I started, but then I lost a few after I got used to being on T and leveled off about five pounds heavier, but a good five. Some is water, you might consider Grapeseed extract as an anti E.


There is not set pattern on how an individual will respond.

In my case, my weight did not change, but went from flabby 34" waist to 31" lean without any training involved. I did need anastrozole to get near E2=22pg/ml to get resistant fat off belly. I had a protein hunger, always hungry even when snaking. Need more protein. Whey shakes and nuts fix the hunger.

E2 management is mission critical for anabolic response, fat patterns/loss, mind set/mood, libido and energy.

Injecting T 100mg once a week is not good.

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I have been on TRT for abut 5 months. 180mg per week taken once per week. My Total T is 700 at the trough. I have gained just over 20 pounds. Almost all of that has been muscle. 10 pounds IMO is no big deal. Spread that weight over all of the muscles in your body and it is minimal. ALL of your muscles are getting stronger and bigger so unless your pant size has increased by a few sizes, I would not worry.


Relax cowboy, that’s highly unlikely. It takes years to add ten pounds of muscle, just saying.

Glad you feel good, but you have not gained twenty pounds of muscle, trust me.


Lol, perhaps. But…
I have gained a little over 20# and my max bench has gone from 275 to 330.
On topic. I wouldn’t stress over a ten pound weight gain.


Completely normal to gain some weight – though 20 pound seems like a lot on that dose – how’s your estrogen and water retention? Any issues there?


Estrogen is good, right in the middle of range. Honestly, I have worked out extremely hard for years to get to where I was, harder than most. I think Test supplementation just let me catch up to where I should have been. There is a HUGE difference in my physique so I know the majority of my weight gain is muscle. Still wearing 33" jeans at 5’11" and 220 #.


I’ve noticed that I can carry some body fat when trying TRT.
It isn’t water, definite fat retention around the midrift.
I took those test pills once, jesus they were like eating sugar and fat!

Ethanate is the easiest test to get where I live but I feel that also causes fat.
I wish Sustanon could be used in TRT but I think the combination of esters would not work or build up a high dose over time?