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Weight Gain/Muscle Building Problems

Hello my name is Thomas,
im new to this forum but very happy to find such a great place, i want to increase my size and get bigger, and searching for the perfect training program for me, therfore i turn to this forum cause here i know the experienced people are…
here are some info

my previous training history:
trained tae kwon do for 2 and a half years, only expanding my fatigue, did’nt put on much size either…
so i decided to start with something a little more suiting for me. i started to train at a gym, i got a standar training program, i have now trained for a year but dont se much difference, so i started to take protein supplement, a product called whey tech but dont see results with it either. i also started to eat more, like oatmeals in the morning and evening along with some cottage cheese…
im ashamed as how i look now and i want to have something to be proud of, to boost my self and not being just that phuny guy in the corner…

i just cant seem to get any bigger i obviously must be training wrong, hope i can get some help to be guided to a more effective program and diet.

Two words, Beginner Stickies. Top of the forum, read them and then ask any questions they don’t answer.

Well someone is going to say it so Ill be the one to get the ball rolling.

Start with reading the threads that are stickied at the top of this forum, great source of info. I go back and reread them from time to time. Also read as many articles as you can.

Now I hate to do this b/c I dont want to hijack your thread but Ill through this out there and see what some others think. For putting mostly size with minimal strength gains I was looking at doing a whole body split that looked like

4 or 5 days

A1) Bench BB Variation 4x6-10
Back/Front Squat 4x6-8
Bent Over Rows 3x8-10
DB Shoulder press 4x6-10
Curl Variation 3x8-10
Dips to failure
Chin/pull ups to failure

A2) Bench DB Variation(different than A1)
Leg press 5x10-12
Lat Raise 4x6-10
Stiffleg Deads 4x8-10
Curl Variation 3x3-10(different than A1)
Dips to failure
Chin/pull ups to failure

Now none of this is set in stone. You can change the set and reps depending on how you feel. Do as much weight as you can ALL the time. If you can only do, say, 3 pull ups do what you can then go do some pull downs.

Now this is just something I threw together for myself but there is no reason it cant work for anyone starting out. It is Farley simple and there arent any difficult lifts like Cleans or Snatches.

OP This is just one idea and I would like to hear what others have to say.

Visit this:
And this:

These are two of the ‘stickies’ at the top of the beginner’s forum. Read them. browse through the links. Ask any questions they didn’t answer.

Himora’s workout would probably be good for you, although I’d remove the chins/dips to failure (not anything wrong with it, I just don’t like going to failure). AND you’ll get stronger on it.

Good luck, and glad to have you on the Nation :slight_smile:

Thanks! and yes i will read it all. dont get me wrong i take this seriously, was not my intend to just charge in here, and on my first post demand professional help, programs and guidance. just needed a place to start. i already know getting your muscles to grow fast aint all about pumpi’n wildly at the gym, it requires a lot of skill and understanding of the bodies way of growing muscle tissue, and now i got it =)