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Weight Gain/Loss/Maintenance

I’ll make this as brief as possible.

I’ve made a switch from Olympic Weightlifting to Power Lifting for a few months to test out how well gaining absolute strength will translate to my C/J and Snatch.

I’ve decided to compete in a powerlifting meet in December for shits and giggles.

I weighed 190-193 consistently for about a year, however, after switching to a Power Lifting routine I’ve already gotten to 198+ in 3 weeks.

I want to get as strong as possible in the next 3 months, but with an upcoming competition in mind, I would rather compete in 198 than 220.

Would y’all recommend not paying any attention to my weight at all and just signing up for the 220 weight class?

If I sign up for a USAPL sanctioned meet, and don’t make weight at 198 will they bump me to 220, or just cut me?

The issue is that I don’t know how my body is going going to react to 3 months of Power Lifting and I want to sign up for the meet sooner rather than later.


Sign up and see how you go. I wouldn’t worry about what you weigh. As to whether you’d get cut or not, that is something you need to clarify with USAPL.

Compete at whatever weight you want. If your goal is absolute strength then it shouldn’t matter what you weigh. Let your weight/strength gain guide you. If you don’t make weight at 198 then you’ll just get moved up to the 220 weight class.

Just go have fun. Don’t worry about your weight. Eat, lift and be happy. Unless you plan on breaking some specific major records right out of the gate, the weight class doesn’t matter. Besides, your goals are Olympic lifting.

Also, you don’t get cut if you don’t make weight - you just get bumped up to the next weight class.