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Weight Gain in a Month?


how much weight gain should a beginner gain like in a month? im 16 5 11 and have went from 160 to 168 in a month.


You can gain as much as you want...but if you want it to be strictly muscle, then 1 lb to 1 1/2lb a week is probably resonable. By all means, gain as much as you can until you're unhappy with your waist line. At 16 yrs old...alot of food goes a long way. What is your goal? What weight you shooting for?


Worry about the mirror and not the scale. 8lbs a month is excessive, but you're too new to worry about these things. If you are looking better and eating reasonably well, keep doing what you are doing.


really sports performance for rugby. i just want to get stronger and not reallly shooting for a specific wieght. just wondering if maybe i should cut the calories if thats mostly fat...
ill post my meals if needed


I've seen brand new lifters gain, lose, and stay the same in the first month, and it was no indication of their later success. I wouldn't worry so much about the scale right now if you feel good and your lifts are progressing.