Weight Gain Help

hey ,
u’ve probably read something like this a millions times so i’ll be concise and straigt to what i want for now.
am 26 and i weigh 80 kgs which is rougly about 175 pounds. i’d like to get to about 200 pounds to start of with.

taking my age into consiedration should i pretty much just eat or should i watch myself interms of how many carbs, protein etc i consume.

my fitness schedule is pretty basic, 1 day a full body workout, next day cardio, then a light session of weights and then a rest day.

i dont know if this is enough information but i’ve stuck to the basics so far and that is avoided stuff like fast foods, and excess sugar…havent gone into the science of it yet like calculating how many g of fat, energy, sugar etc i consume

Eat 1.5-2grams of protein per bw, get most of your carbs early in the day and after training, eat plenty of fats, eat calorie dense food if you can’t get enough calories in.

eat 6-8 times a day, basicly every 2-3 hours

I don’t see any reason not to eat “good” food but don’t be anal about it.

if you are not gaining weight increase calories, if you are gaining to much fat decrease a little bit.