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Weight Gain Help!

Alright fella’s. I am seeking some advice here… On well weight gain and not weight loss…

I am a 23 year old male, 6’2, 148 ibs give or take if the scale is correct. I cannot seem to be able to gain any weight at all. I have basically been the same size since I hit puberty, and it is rather frustrating…

I know eating is the main key here, but I cannot seem to find myself to get hungry or to be able to keep eating, expecially when I work 3rd shift, leaving all places closed to go even when I go into and get off of work the gym will be closed so I cannot go there to help with my mass.

My father had bought a bowflex but I have heard they are mostly good for weight loss. I drink a protein shake that I place in a thermos through out the night, and off course take some peanuts etc to snack on.

I do not have enough time to actually eat a big meal on my lunch, so I usually take Chili or something like that instead of sandwiches…

So what I am asking am I gonna have to start taking weight-gain powders instead of Protein shake where I do not have time to go to the gym. I am a stocker right now so I am doin I guess a bit of lifting but seems more like cardio with the speed to put the items up in a certain amount of time.

But if I do need to take weight gain which is the best and should I take both gain and protein shakes?

Any other advice would be appreciated!!

I was the same weight from age 20 until 31. Since then I’ve gained 14 kilos in less than five months by doing the following:

Eating every 2-3 hours, hungry or not

Preparing in advance so eating and making food doesn’t take up my entire life

Eating less spicy food so I can get it down faster (I lived most of my life in Texas so hot peppers were a big part of my life)

Eating things I never liked and still don’t like

Ignoring people who think I’m obsessed or will ruin my liver or stomach or get mercury poisoning or will end up a fat ball of lard

Bringing canned fish, crackers and pastries to work

Eating some more calorie-dense foods - fewer apples, more bananas, some pastries

Also some non-eating stuff:

Getting plenty of sleep

Forcing myself to be somewhat lazy and not work too hard all the time - spending a lot less time on music and house renovations, specifically

Lifting heavy with plenty of squats and deadlifts

Smolken hit the nail on the head. You need to eat every 2-3 hours regarding of how hungry you feel. For a person that isn’t used to eating often you only feel hungry when your body is already running on empty. You don’t want to be in this situation if you are trying to gain weight. It’s alarming to me since I’ve started eating more frequently how hungry I feel if my body goes for as long as it used to without food.

Your body needs to use your food efficiently, but if there’s no food it can’t use it at all. Eat big and lift big. Everything else is fine tuned mechanics you’ll pick up through articles and such.

Hey Dude,

You gotta be taking in at least 3500 cals. The thing with me is, I wasn’t eating enough fiber. So I would get the runs if I ate too much. You don’t really need to go with the weight gain powder route, I would use a slow release protein product. It comes in useful when you have to go an extra hour without food. Also supplementing with fish oil is good, I’d more recommend using a bottle as opposed to caps as you get 100 cals with a tablespoon. Eating this much food isn’t fun… but who ever said bulking was a pleasant task?

BTW: If you aren’t gaining on 3500 up the calories, it’s that simple. :wink:

  1. Eat a lot more simple carbohydrates, burn faster and allow you to be hungrier more often.
  • white bread, rice, pasta, juice
    Hell, Italian and chinese takeout.
  1. On top of all this make sure to get 165-185+ grams of protein so you have maintenance protein and excess protein for muscle building.

  2. Instead of taking 2 different shakes, get gainer protein. When you look at the nutritional info you’ll see typically it has 3x more calories then protein for leaning.

  • This site has Grow! and also Surge Metabolic Drive - Oh and Surge tastes like guilty sin in a red thong.
  1. As noted before you need to redefine what it means to eat, back to the basics . Prepare meals ahead of time. The best way based on your busy schedule is when you prepare your meals. Do so for the next 3-7 days. Usage of ziplock bag, tupperware, fridge/freezer, a cooler to carry extra shakes.

Don’t eat like someone trying to lose weight :slight_smile: Pour it on hardgainer!

The way you need to eat is different from how I need to feed. We are both on the highway of bodybuilding/excercising I’m just going in the opposite direction.

Thanks fella’s… But one thing I dont think was answered when I feel as if I cannot eat anymore and misreable its hard enough for me to work after I eat but keep eating after I am I guess u would call " bloated"??