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Weight gain from sled


A week ago i received my dragging sled and have been using it frequently since. I also cleaned up my diet last week so i expected to lose weight. Instead i am up five pounds after not gaining any weight in months, and i am pretty sure it is good weight. Has anyone else experienced gains like this from sled dragging?


It might be mostly your diet. I have never heard of mass weight gain from using the sled.

I have used mine on and off over the past few years and have not had that experience.


The thing is, my diet is mostly fat+protein with the exception of post workout where i consume 120g. or so of carbs. I have a fast metabolism and have in the past lost weight from this diet. I know my legs grow easily and i think that they might be growing due to this new stimuli. I will get them measured soon and see if there is a difference in their size.


I think it is possible to gain some mass from the sled. You probably don't gain as much as you would from an exercise that utilizes an eccentric portion of the lift because that is what causes the majority of the trauma to the muscles. It could also be that you are increasing blood flow to the legs and this is allowing your legs to recover more quickly which would lead to better strength and size gains.


Interesting, let me know.


I have asked a question about this on EliteFTS. so hopefully Dave Tate, or one of the other guys can give me some info on the matter. I did find a article on sled dragging by Dave Tate where he says it has caused weight gains.