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Weight Gain for Ectomorph


Hi, I'm a 22 year old ectomorph, and I have a hard time gaining muscle. I've read thousands of articles on the subject and the main advice seems to be, EAT EAT EAT! The problem with this is, I am having a hard time finding HEALTHY calorie dense foods on which i can stuff myself. I used to eat an entire bag of bagels (6 bagels 240 calories each) every night before bed and it worked! Then everyone told me that it was really bad for my health so I stopped and lost all my gained weight.It seems as if there isn't a food on earth that you can eat in large quantities without having health risks. I'm trying to find a food that I can use to replace the bagels without damaging my health in the process. Maybe I could stuff myself on potatoes? I guess those to aren't too good in large quantities...

Another problem that I have in my quest to build muscles is that my body seems unable to handle any kind of protein supplements, as well as creatine supplements. Every time I try those I run to the bathroom 10 minutes later! I've tried many types of protein and got the same results. As for the creatine, I don't know why it sends my flying to the bathroom...
I have no choice but to stick to eggs and meat...

If someone has an idea of a food I could eat in large amounts to help me get bigger and that wouldnt compromise my health it would be greatly appreciated!

I need some help!!!


What is your height, weight, body fat, current diet, and training look like? If you can eat an entire bag of bagels (which I doubt, no offense), you can stomach creatine and simple protein powder... On top of that, if you have read thousands of articles on diet, a lot of these questions you wouldn't be asking.

None the less, post up some stats, and everyone will see what they can do :slightly_smiling:


It takes some time to get used to the creatine. Buy a high quality product like the Biotest stuff. THe creatine should look closer to powdered sugar and less like table sugar. If its still a problem dissolve it in warm water and then drink it.

As far as the protein supps go. Buy a jar of benefiber. Make sure you are getting 10-15g of fiber per day. Add the benefiber to the shake. Psyllium husk is also very good.

As far as the diet goes. Youre extrememly undereducated. There is an abudnance of info on bodybuilding food.

Read the nutrition stickies. Or any thread in the begginers forum asking for diet advice.


take digestive enzymes with the protein shakes


Get rid of the Bagel bag at night, eat a half a jar of natural peanut butter instead. As a fellow ectomorph i can say fat will make the difference in your diet, when i was 22 i stuck with eggs, ground beef, put olive oil on everything, your muscles will begin to have more thickness, reduce your training volume if it's really high, that was always my problem i loved doing to many sets, don't skimp on cabs, but don't just eat crap all the time.


Eat oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta fruits, vegtables,excessive refined carbohydrates will have more of a negative impact on your health longterm then eggs and meat, start reading up & make smarter foood choices, a true ectomorph shouldn't have these worries in the first palce.


How the hell do you know you are an "ectomorph"?


What about some protein bars? I use to snack on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches between meals. I use to eat almonds inbetween meals or some plain yogurt. So much more stuff out there.


I would highly recommend you read starting strength by Mark Ripptoe. That program along with the nutritional advice he gives WILL make you gain mass at a stupid rate if you follow it. You could start by drinking a gallon of milk a day along with sticking to 3-4 basic compound exercises.


I would be considered an ecto too I guess with small wrist, ankles, long arms and legs with a fast metabolism. You might have a digestive problem meaning you don't actually get all the calories you're eating. I had to eat 3,500 cals including 200 grams of protein a day to get from 186 ish to the mid 190's.

What brand of protein and creatine were you using?

Also, don't listen to people who say just eat or drink ________. No one knows if you're allergic to certain things or if you can stomach certain foods. Daily caloric intake is key with enough protein a close second.


have you tried a non dairy protein powder? pea protein and beef protein isolates come to mind


I have a tall lean frame and for the longest time had trouble gaining weight. Was at about 5000 calories a day before my weight started to climb. My staples were lean ground beef and a gallon of D milk a day. You'll find that the bigger you get the more and more food you need to cosume. Currently it takes roughly 6000 calories to begin to see increases in scale weight. Use as many healthy fats as you can to help pack in extra calories. As someone else here mentioned stay away from the refined sugars at all costs.


Peanut butter is your friend here. It's VERY calorie dense. And hell, if you can't finish it during the day, wake up and finish it in the night! I know that's not recommended much anymore, but you have to do what you have to do.