Weight Gain for Diabetics

Even tho my internist and endocrinoligist wanted me to lose more weight (after my wife called me a cancer victim) for heart reasons, i decided i’d rather look good.

when i was initially diagnosed, i went on a low carb diet along with metformin and actos. i went from 240 to below 160. it still wasn’t enough to satisfy the docs. i hated it. i couldn’t lift any weight. my muscles spasmed night and day from the lipitor and the diabetes meds. i truly looked awful and my muscles just wasted away.

my T levels wasted away. when tested( by checking off one more square by me) it was down to the low 400s. i felt like hell.
then my endo mentioned drinking a few glasses of red wine to benefit me.

it has taken about 6 months but i finally have put some weight on. i finally can lift again without breaking an elbow. i quit the lipitor because it just causes horrible cramps and it ages you tremendously.

i now weigh 180 plus and i am six feet. i look a hell of a lot better. maybe my a1c is a little higher altho at last checkup it was still 6.0.
if you’re diabetic type 2, try adding some red wine. it may do you some good.