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Weight Gain For Cancer Patient

Unusual request here. For someone who has undergone chemo, surgery on cancer to the galbladder and is experiencing drastic weight loss, what can be done to add some weight back on? This person is in his 60’s, craps a lot, but has lost weight like he had a gastric bypass (230-190 lbs)

Are there any shakes here that can add weight and perhaps give some energy? I know there are so many questions that can be asked but it seems that doctors only know how to give pills and perform surgery. Anything else is totally foreign. Anything would be better than nothing.

Cancer Um yes have some experience of helping my mother for years. STAY away from simple carbs cancer thrives on it, Use complex carbs, oats, fuit etc and LOAD the heck up on Good fats, and protein.

I would make small but VERY VERY dense shakes for mom, lots of nuts, Peanut butter, Cocnut milk, oils, oats and fruit and Metabolic Drive. This greatly aided in energy and putting weight on.

You can easily make a 1000+ calorie shake with the inclusion of lots of fats. I mean just a 14 cup of PB is 400+

Always add oils to veggies etc etc 1 tblspoon here and there adds up. Whole milk can be great as well

Hope this Helps,