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Weight Gain....Fat

I recently did a mag-10,/tribex,M cycle and gained about 12 pounds. I kept eating afterword and taking creatine and about 350 grams of protein a day. Its now summer and I took 2weeks off from lifting and supplements and have been lifting again for about 2 weeks with no shakes or supplements. Just eating average. My question is after mag-10 I had a hard time getting past 182 pounds. I stopped all supplements and shakes and still weigh the same. Why cant I lose or gain weight weather I eat 4000 cal. or 2000. cal? I noticed alot of my bodyfat starting to come around my mid-section. I would like another 15 pounds but I dont want to get fat. I also have not seen any strength gains or mass gains for about two months? I need help…I know that this doesnt come overnight but damn.