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Weight Gain Diet for MMA Fighter!

 This thread is more focused to Tampa-Terry in case you didnt get my pm or anyone else that has a good .02 cents for me.

I basically have the same build as that lazyBones kid that you were trying to help with a good diet plan to gainweight/and LBM. I pretty much have the same problem only thing that is different is that Im a training MMA fighter and I work 40 hours a week either 8-4pm train at 5:30pm or 1-9 pm train at 9 am bfore work…

Im pretty lost cuz i dont like using weights at the gym cuz they’re pretty much non-sports specific, so i do underground/farmboy training, sandbags , sledgehammer and tire, sled pulling, park equipment pullups and that stuff… Anyways, Im kinda thinking of using the same setup u did for him cuz im trying to get to 155-160ish and then i have to cut weight and i want to be fighting at either 150 or 155 solid.

so u had him on the 6 meals at 25 g proteing per meal and 90 grams of Carbs or more… but as far as me being at work i have access to a microwave, foreman grill, and fridge. i have oatmeal that i can heat up at home but u said to slow cook so pretty much the carbs and non repeating protein source as in 2 chicken breasts a day is not good i dont know what else to use as another lean protein and starchy carb source…

so sorry to ramble but i hope you can help! thanks a lot man your awesome! PS… im gnna start fighting soon so im trying to get a solid diet worked out so i can get my fight weight accomplished.

And btw i really don’t have a set food recipe, i pretty much eat chicken breasts, baked salmon, eggs, tuna, oatmeal, Protein shakes, ricecakes, pB, and w/e else. I just need to learn to put together a good meal plan similiar to lazybones that you made… aight im out thanks

Brandon LUkaszewski

At under 150 pounds, I would say be sure you get your protein in, but after that just eat. Anything. You’ll probably stay pretty lean doing weight training plus MMA training.