Weight Gain/Bloating with Increase of T & Cytomel (Thyroid Med T3)

I would go through some of the Stickies in this forum and put up the data that applies to females as well.

A lot of the symptoms you describe are outlined in this sticky relating to low iodine. Thyroid Basics Explained

“Case in point; someone has “mid-range” TSH and thinks that things must be OK and so does the doctor. TSH should be near 1.0, mid-range means misery, low energy, low libido, lack of clarity of thought, low body temperatures, feeling cold, sparse outer eye brows, dry skin, mood/depression issues, lethargy and more - but you are “normal”. And if a doctor treated such cases aggressively insurance companies and State medical boards would put a stop to this unnecessary medical treatment. If you get TSH>4.5 and can barely function, then you are “treatable”.”

What is your history using iodized salt? Any iodine supplementation?