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Weight gain after low carb t-dawg diet

Hey fellas im wondering to anyone who has tried the t-dawg diet, or another low carb Var. how do u stop from gaining the weight back after u stop the t-dawg diet ,and go back to a moderate carb containing diet, and do u always gain the weight back if u go back to a mod carb diet after something like the t-dawg?

You just have to be careful and not go on a binge when you come off. Slowly raise carbs. The new version with 100 carbs per day is easier. But you will gain back a little water weight when you go off any low carb diet, just don’t panic and think it’s fat weight coming back. If you’re careful, it won’t be. Cardio and fish oils help too.

That weight gain is what keeps me goping when i start to see my muscles shrinking in the first week of the low carb diet. I gain 4 pounds in the first few days and buscles blow up. Are you saing you gain fat or that you just gain weight after you carb up? These are totaly diferent things.

I just got off a 5 week t-dawg diet. I lost about 7 pounds. I’ve been off it for 2 weeks and haven’t gained anythng back. I asked this question on the forum a while back and most people said to slowly work yourself back to maintenance. I started my t-dawg at 2000 cals. then went to 1700 cals after the 3rd week. After the t-dawg i bumped up my cals to 2200 on a 40P/30F/30C diet. After A week of that I bumped it up to 2400 cals., which is my maintenance. I also through in sprinting 2 days a week(when I got to my maintenance) and I box 2 nights a week. Actually I’m still losing fat after bumping up the cals. I would through in some more exercise after a diet like t-dawg to fire up your metabolism again.

Start off with a carb intake of 1g/lb LBM and then up your carb intake every other day by 25-50 grams until you reach maintainance carb levels.

Supplementing with 600mg of ALA daily will also help by increasing insulin sensitivity.

I had the same question and Jason Norcross suggested taking Alpha Lipoic Acid with your carb meals an this will help out tremendously and it makes sense. John Berardi says doing cardio will help with insulin sensitivity also. You can do a search on his name and read his articles for some very useful information. If you aren’t already doing so you can take MD6 or at least 5-HTTP to curb your cravings for carbs as you come off. I took it while dieting and was quite amazed at how well it worked. I hardly craved carbs at all. I just switched to the old version of MD6 and added 5-HTTP and it’s working just not quite as well in the carb craving dept. Good luck and just keep disciplined when you come off the diet.