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Weight Gain Advice?


With the excess of information floating around out there I figured I'd just hop on here to get first-hand accounts of what really works. I'll throw up some background info then get to the point.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140-150
Daily Cal Intake: ~3000
I've been working out for about 6 years.

So here's the deal, I've been training for a long time so I've got a good base as far as technique and strength goes. But I've only ever trained for muscular endurance and never gave a rat's ass about size. Now my perspective has shifted. I go the 4th to pass my physical qualification for Navy SEALs.

No, I'm not expecting anything by then, but my goal is to gain at least 20-30lbs before I ship without losing my endurance. I know better than to train for endurance and size simultaneously.

More to the point: What's the fastest (or most reliable) way to build muscle, and is there any way to maintain my pst scores in the process? Any input constructive, destructive, whatever. It's all helpful.


There is no fastest way. Just consistent training/nutrition.


Eating a lot more is a pretty good start though.


True that!


Yea a caloric surplus is certainly needed. Try perfect rep training and tweak it to suit you. As long as you do some mobility work, a few complexes, and some various energy systems work you should keep your endurance and agility while gaining.

A simple approach would be to copy a (good) football offseason program.


Thanks guys, much appreciated. I found an off-season football workout that I'm gonna try out. Now as far as more calories, how much should I shoot for? Because I assume if I take in enough, I'll still be able to do cardio without worrying about burning too many calories to where I wont gain. (Right, wrong?)


Maybe as little as 2 or 300 cals/day. Depends on the workload. I would do interval training or circuits for my cardio though. Just want to increase the heart rate not burn a bunch of cals.


I'm 5'10" and i gain off of 3200 calroes at a bodyweight of 190 to give you a perspective on how many calories you burn.

Id increase by 500 calories initially and if that doesn't work increase by 250 until you start gaining. Your body is probably dying to get bigger.


I'm 6'1" and 190 in the morning in my boxers. I need at least 3,000/day to stay at this weight. When I average 3,500 I can get to 195.

Dying to get bigger - probably. When I first bumped up my cals and protein I gained in a hurry.


Yes indeed!


Great stuff. Thank you very much.


how are you dying to get big by increasing your calories by a whopping 500 cals? he can make fast gains he just has to be obsessive about eating


If you spread out the 'new' calories, you won't even notice them (and won't be one of those guys whining about how they can't eat any more -lol).
It seems that your current daily intake has you maintaining your present weight, so try taking a big TBSP of Natural Peanut Butter after every feeding throughout the day. A Serving (2 level Tbsp) of PB is about 200 cals, 9g prot, 6g carbs, and practically nil sugar.

If you do this 5x a day (1000 additional cals and 45g of additional protein), every day, at the end of a week you've got a 7000 cal surplus to what you're used to, and you probably won't even realize that you ate more than usual.



how old are you?

are you prior service?

what does 'a good base of strength' even fucking mean?


I was referring to KMan's post about the OP's body's dying to get bigger meaning maybe he was training hard enough, but not eating enough. As soon as I increased my cals I grew quickly. This will most likely happen to the OP. Try to read posts before jumping out of the wood work.


You lucky bastards. I'm about 5'7, 175 and lean and I need to eat about 4,000 cals a day for minimal gains. Although I do love eating.