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Weight for Log Press?


An easy question, what is the typical weight, for heavyweights, for the log clean and press in competition? I just got a log and an axle and I am thinking about doing a strongman meet sometime next year.


I have seen a lot that are for maxes, so you just keep going until you fail. If it's for reps, I think it's in the 260-300 range.

Have you checked out NAS? nastrongman.com


The only logs that you should be pressing are the ones that you press out of your ass and into the toilet. This is a fact. Pressing logs is for lumberjacks, not bodybuilders. And this is a bodybuilding website, sir, it even says so right in this post. Please take your chain saws, beards, flannel, and talk of logs elsewhere.


It really depends, honestly. At a pro-card qualifier this weekend 2 guys got 6 reps w 320 ... on the other hand some shows might be as light at 250. I know nationals last year was 300 lbs, i believe 9 reps won, but more than a handful of competitors failed to get a rep. I

t's also going to make a difference if you're talking about clean once and press away, or clean every rep (i'd say cleaning every rep is more common)


K, that log at the europa was a 13" log and was a bit longer than a normal log. A lot of guys were saying it was a LOT tougher than a regular 320.

As for log for max, typically something between 350-400 wins for HW amateurs.

Just find a contest that works with your area and time frame and see what it requires. Nothing in strongman is typical.


Thanks for the answers. I was just looking for typical weights for the rep competitions. My shoulder strength is the only thing holding me back from doing a competition. I'm gonna work on it but while doing more powerlifting meets this year then enter something early next year, probablt before the Arnold. Thanks again.


Good point, I believe the handles were a bit narrower as well, making it a bit awkward and more triceps-focused than usual.

OP, bottom line is that the numbers for the top guys are getting pretty crazy, but if you're looking for a bare minimum that you should be able to do w out embarassing yourself, as a hw, i'd say 250-270, ideally for reps.


Stupid log.....

At a Silver/Gold show I'd guess 250 for reps.

Plat show 270 to 300. Weights are getting very large right now for top level AM stuff. I thought that your bench was pretty strong, do you feel your not getting much carryover?


Thanks. Thats exactly the answer I was looking for. I've got some work to do.


The log should not be about shoulder strength... learning how to push press / push jerk would be your best bet.

Typical weights for an average local HW contest on the log range from 250-275 lbs. For a national level contest or pro qualifier then you are likely looking at 300-320+ for the log/axle.

Remember that the press is only one event, so as long as you can at least get one rep then there is no reason not to enter a contest and give it a try.