Weight for Loaded Carries?

I want to start incorporating these into my program but I can’t do them at my gym due to space constraints, so I’m planning to buy some cheap used weights that I can put at my backyard. Trying to get some ballpark figure of how much people normally use for the different variations. Any other tips are also much appreciated.

I’ve used 80lbs dumbbells for farmers walks, 55lbs dumbbells for weighted stair climbs, 40lbs dumbbells for overhead carries, and I’ve never done the goblet, front rack, or yoke walk variations.

Because of limited space at the gym, I take a couple steps forward and immediately a couple steps backwards over and over until I cant anymore. I shoot for a minute per loaded carry. I’ve had no problems doing this with overhead carries, hang carries, and goblet KB carries. Usually no one is using the squat rack so there is enough space to cover 6 feet forward, then 6 feet backward.

For overhead I don’t usually load the bar with much weight, maybe 10s. Hang carries I use 135, and goblet KB carries I grab the largest KB in the gym (which I believe may be a 50+ pounder). I really like doing them and have found them to be effective even in this limited space.

I started with a bit less then body weight for regular farmers walk. For others maybe use a 10RM as reference for yoke walks and overhead walks