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Weight for Height - Training Tips?

Hey guys,

My next competition will feature sandbag over bar throws. 4 meter bar height, 3 x 20 kg + 1 x 24 kg sandbag. The sandbags will be the ATX throwing bags.

I’ve never done anything like this and I don’t own throwing bags (nor will I buy them because the price is ridiculous).

Will kettlebell throws have any carryover? Should I use kettlebelss lighter or heavier than 20 kg
Any other ideas or tips on how to prepare for this?

I trained for my one and only bag over bar event relying purely on kettlebelll throws and ended up winning the event. It can work.

A lot of folks were trying to just whip the bag over the bar and it caused the handles to snag and killed any distance. You have to kinda throw them slowly, and wait until the slack is out of the handle before you release.

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Great insight, thanks!

How heavy would you train the throws in relation to comp. weight?

I only have one kettlebell which is 45lbs, so it’s what I used. And the only thing I had to throw it over was 12 feet high. Comp was a series of implements and bags starting at like 8lbs and ending at 25 to 30 over what I think was 16 feet high (maybe 18). Just focused on launching them day of.

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