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Weight for Farmers Deadlifts

Should your farmers deadlift be more than you regular deadlift?


That’s a tough question.

I would have to say no, but there are lots of answers.

Do you do farmers/trap bar deads often? Is it a frame pickup, or 2 seperate apperati?

How high is the pickup in relation to a standard deadlift? What type of handles, etc etc.

Does that even help?


For me it is and always has been.

My sticking point on deadlifting is around or slightly above the knees. This is obviously a non-issue on the trap bar deadlift.

Id say yes for me as well. Tap bar and farmers Higher/easier then a DL


my conventional DL numers are higher than my trap bar. I’m fairly good off the floor and my sticking point is mid shin, so the trap bar kinda starts where I get stuck amking it hard to get it started

Ive picked up and taken a couple stumbling steps with 520 total on a farmers and the most I have pulled is 405, but the bottom is my weak point