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weight fluctuation

I started bulking while on 4-ad one week ago, i upped my calories by about 700 per day. While i have gained size which i am happy with, my weight will fluctuate by about 5 lbs throughout the day. This hasn’t happened to me before and it’s really aggravating me, i dont know what ive gained and i dont know if i should up my calories more. If this has happened to anyone else i would like some input.

For starters, don’t weigh yourself so much.
Weigh yourself after you morning pee-pee.
Also If you are happy with the results (‘while I have gained size which i am happy with’)
why do you care? of course your weight is gonna fluctuate through the day, everybodys does. And get your BF% taken and this way you will know if you are gaining correctly.
This is a serious question, not a flame, are you new to lifting? if so maybe you should wait on the 4-ad and let your body respond without it.

I’ll sometimes lose up to seven pounds overnight. Also, my weight fluctuates like crazy in the first week or so of both bulking and cutting phases. As such, the mirror is always the most accurate measure of my progress.

I agree with both Jasen and Eric. My weight also fluctuates by a few pounds during the day, it’s a natural thing. Weighing yourself in the morning after your constitutional is the best time. I don’t pay attention to the scale so much either, but on how I look and feel, and on how my clothes fit, particularly my older suits. Get your bodyfat % tested every once in a while and don’t weigh yourself too much. Oh, and please don’t get caught up in the “Body Mass Index” stuff - I’d love to see what Lee Priest’s BMI is.

Its all water!! 5lbs is only 2L of water- easy to get dehydrated overnight, and during the course of the day. My questions would be- do you drink caffeine, alcohol, use creatine? Not denouncing any of these (although poss the alcohol’s questionable!), but they are diuretics, and you will need to up-your water intake. Drink loads, and then drink some more. Seriously, its very hard to be overhydrated thanks to the kidneys and bladder, but very easy to be dehydrated, thanks to the body’s need to get rid of breakdown products.

Indeed, the diet could also be a big factor here too. - I bet you increased your protein intake, didn’t you? Well that protein thats not absorbed, and also the protein thats broken down in your muscles during a workout and not re-used, needs to be disposed of. Kidneys to the rescue again- the breakdown nitrogen compounds need water to dispose of them via urine. More products=more water needed. Makes sense?

The other posts were right- weigh yourself at the SAME time, ONCE per day. Your real progression can then be figured out. And drink!