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Weight Dropped 5 Pounds in 2 Days


Ok Guys,

I am not a novice when it comes to knowledge of diet, nutrition, and weight training. That being said there are a bunch of people way smarter than me, so I would like to post this question to those people. I have been trying to put on weight lately and so i have been following a higher volume program and have added about 10 lbs of body weight.

However, in the last three days, my weight has done the following. 192 2 days ago, 189 yesterday, 187 today. Am I missing something??? I don't feel overtrained, my numbers are not suffering, and i am getting 9 hours of sleep a night or more. Any ideas??


Maybe you aren't drinking as much fluids as before? Just a thought.


i could see that actually because it is true. however, would the weight drop tha much?


Water is approx 8lbs. per gallon, so if you merely sweated/excreted a half gallon more than you took in over 2 days, you'd lose 4 lbs. So yeah, definitely possible.


You say you're trying to put on weight, maybe you just aren't eating enough to compensate for the higher volume program that you are running.

Having said that, I've lost 10 pounds in just a 16 hour period from drinking less fluid than usual, it probably isn't anything to worry about.


Yes, you can easily lose that much in water weight if you are not taking in any fluids. Especially if you have been eating no carbs. Plus you also have to take into consideration when you are weighing yourself and be consistent (like when you eat, or 1st thing in the morning, etc.).


Dude, I've taken 5 pound shits. You have either lost fluids (sweating or not drinking enough) or your food (not eating or pooping). A 5 pound drop is not uncommon if you shed water weight.


Agreed. Heck, my weight can easily vary up or down 8lbs during the day (empty stomach and dehydrated in the morning versus several meals in me and fully hydrated in the evening for example).

Keven, a bodybuilder I trained needed to make his weight class (187lbs) and he was 207 10 days prior. He was on a liquid only diet for 4 days (MAG-10 protein shakes, Anaconda, Surge Workout Fuel) plus fatty acids. His caloric intake was slightly below maintenance. In those 4 days he lost 11lbs. He might have lost 1-2lbs of fat. Not much glycogen since he had been low carbs prior to that, so at least 8 of those pounds was from 'stomach content' losses.

He then dehydrated before the show and lost the 9lbs of water in a day.


During a tennis match, losses of as much as 10% of the athlete's bodyweight in water have been recorded.

I often lost 10-12lbs during a football game.


My weight can fluctuate a ton depending on hydration, and I don't weigh that much. 5 pounds is nothing!


You have a remarkable ability to fluxuate your weight within a few hours don't you? You can lose 12 lbs in a few hours...gain 22 lbs in a few hours...haha :smiley:


My actual record is gaining 27lbs in 6 hours. Although most of it was stomach content and fluids.


The body is 70% water. So it is very easy to lower your weight significantly if you know how to 'dehydrate' yourself.


And we thought I, Bodybuilder was impressive :wink: