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Weight Drop


Can someone explain this? I keep a calorie intake of 2600-2900 calories depending on the day and I weight myself every morning (just a habit). My weight fluctuates between 185-189 I guess depending on how late I ate or carb intake.

Then I will have a high calorie day/high carb day where I will eat 5000-6000 calories. Like clockwork the next morning I have weighed as low as 179 but, usually 182. What is going on?


Assuming "clockwork" doesn't mean that it happened twice,
Most people will gain several pounds on a carb up day, so that's weird.

I have known people who lost weight and tried to eat more carbs and kept losing and did find out that they had diabetes, and were peeing out all of their carbs that were spilling over, and getting dangerously dehydrated in the process.

You can get a container of ketostix and see if you have ketones. You should not have any detectable ketones in the morning after a high carb day.