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Weight Difference: Cooked vs Raw Meat

So im trying to count my calories but im having trouble figuring out how many ounces the pieces of steak i am eating are. Its a pack from costco with 7 slabs of sliced beef in it. It weights 4.83lbs so i divided that by 7. I get .69lbs for each slab which equals about 11 ounces of uncooked steak. Now when I cook it the size obviously shrinks so I was wondering if anybody would have an estimate of how many ounces on average would one lose when cooking a slice of steak.

Option 1: Invest in a food scale. Best $20 I ever spent, even if it has a “The Biggest Loser” logo on it.

Option 2: Use the raw weight. If your calorie guide doesn’t have raw stats, get a better resource. FitDay is free, and has a very easy and convenient interface and more options for chicken weight than I ever thought existed (bone in, bone out, skinless, skin, raw, cooked, etc). It shall serve you well.