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Weight Cutting in Sauna

Hey guys I’m thinking about going back to the YMCA so I can use the sauna. A few years ago I decided to sit in sauna for awhile and get a good sweat then go run or lift or whatever, I came up with the theory if I sit in there and sweat out water weight then when I workout I’m burn more fat and not just water weight. Is there anything to this or just something that sounds good in my head and made me think it works?

Mostly just heat stressing and dehydrating your body. If you lift afterwards your performance will decrease and likelihood of injury will go up

Did you just say that your body burns water instead of fat, if you aren’t dehydrated first?


Not really, I was just thinking if I sweat out water before the workout I’d be more productive at burning fat instead of getting rid of water

Doesn’t work that way.

I kinda figured it didn’t but it sounded good. I did that while cutting 20 pounds for fight but also I was in the gym 6 days a week, sometimes 3 times a day and my diet was on point, just didn’t know if it really had any affect or just wishful thinking

Sauna/steam after workouts. I believe it only affects water weight. My gym has both and they’re rarely used.

1970s Marine guards at a Naval air base trying to drop weight would sauna after running an airplane runway length down and back a “few” times. Never saw them in the base’s weight room.


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ok, so you’re conflating the concepts of cutting water to make weight, and losing fat. Those are completely different processes, not related at all.

Cutting fat is a process that should be done in the weeks or months before a weigh in. It’s a process that involves diet and exercise manipulation. Water intake should not be adjusted during that period: if anything, a HIGHER water intake will be beneficial.

Water cuts are done independently of fat cuts. There are many ways people accomplish this, but the basics are universal. In the 10-14 days before a weigh in, you begin a process called water loading, in which you increase your water intake to 3x-5x your normal water intake. At some point before your weigh in, carbs and sodium are eliminated from diet, usually 3-4 days prior to weigh in, so that those elements do not make you retain excess water. When you eliminate those 2 things, your body begins to flush water from your body at a higher rate. Around 18-24 hours prior to weighing in, you finally eliminate water from your diet. Your body is used to getting a lot of water, and it takes time for it to adjust to not having more coming in. You lose a lot of weight. At some point, this process slows, and if more water needs to be lost, THAT is when sauna or hot bath time comes into play, in order to shed the last pounds of water needed to make weight.

Dehydrating for longer than a 24 hour period is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, and nobody should attempt this. You SHOULD NOT lift weights or exercise without sufficient hydration, ever. During the water cutting process I outlined above, I do not touch a weight, I don’t do cardio, I don’t do anything but sweat and piss.