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Weight Cutting and Weight Class


Hey guys,

I know there is alot of knowledge lurking here, so I wanted to know, what is a decent weight/percentage to (water) cut?

Can larger athletes cut more weight (absolute) because they have higher weight/more water in their body? Or is this irrelevant?

I'm not sure how long before the match the weigh-in is. What are decent cuts for same day (I believe same day weigh-ins are the norm for amateurs)?

Maybe some guys wanna chime in on what weight class is appropriate for me. Last time they checked I was 203 cm (6'8), and my estimated LBM is 86 (190lbs.)
I have the choice between LHW (up to 94 kg) or HW (up to 120 kg).
I definitely need to add some muscle (15/20 lbs or something at least) and get a hell lot leaner, but all things considering, what is my best bet?

Thanks on beforehand!