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Weight Class Question


I am not a powerlifter but, was wondering if one would change training when wanting to drop 1 or 2 weight classes. Would training have to be drastically changed? For instance if the lifter was doing sheiko what should be done?


You don't need to make any drastic changes as far as lifting is concerned, but you could do more conditioning. The main thing you need to worry about for losing weight is your diet. But if you're losing a lot of weight and using a percentage based program like Sheiko I would expect you to have some difficulties, there is a good chance you will lose strength and have a hard time getting through the workouts. The slower you cut weight the less it will affect your strength, but chances are it will still be an issue to some extent.


you shouldnt cut two classes at once. i'm always around martial artists cutting weight and I see some really stupid ways, and some really clever ways. If your slowly dieting over a period of however many months your training camp lasts that is "okay" . ideally you would stay at or as close to competition weight all year round so you don't to worry about restricting calories during training camp. the "stupid" way is waiting until the last few days to dehydrate the shit out of yourselves. Some people do a combination of restricting calories during camp AND dehydrating, which is "worst" way possible. These last people usually should consider moving up a class.


I actually do far LESS conditioning when I'm trying to lose weight. The reduced calories are already making it more difficult to recover, adding more conditioning on top of that really saps me.


When strength is the number one priority while cutting weight, I remove conditioning and try to minimize additional stresses since the lack of calories slows down recovery. I depend only on diet. I have cut weight using Sheiko and I did a slow cut for about 5-6 weeks. If I had to do it over again I would keep the cut to only about 3-4 weeks, add a bit of weight for 1-2 weeks and then repeat. Don't do it the first time you run Sheiko unless you start off light. You want to know how you respond to the workload without a cut before doing it with one.


OP, just to clarify things, what are your goals outside of losing weight and what timeline are you looking at? Since you say you aren't a powerlifter and you want to drop a weight class or two (which could be anywhere from 20-60 lbs.) I was thinking like 6 months to a year, not just a quick cut because you obviously don't have a meet coming up. If you are looking to permanently drop some weight then you might take a different approach than someone who just needs to make weight for one day.


This. Depending on how much weight your trying to lose, changing your diet is, in my opinion, the best way to go about it. Not restricting calories, but carbs for the most part.