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Weight Class Changes in the IPF: Confirmed


I'll refer everyone back to the previous thread if they want some background reading: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/possible_weight_class_changes_in_the_ipf

But to summarize; it's been confirmed that effective January 1st, 2011 the IPF will shift it's weight classes to:

Women: (kg) 43 47 52 57 63 72 84 84+
Men: (kg) 52 58 66 74 83 93 105 120 120+

I have no idea what exactly they plan to do about records but it's assumed that they will be retired and be starting with a fresh slate on January 1st.

Thoughts on these changes? Good or bad for the sport?


WOW. This is big. I really didn't think it would happen. Any word on the reasoning?


I'm trying to get it confirmed through my national organization but not much luck...we didn't have many reps in South Africa this year.

If I had to guess I'd say it would be to align with IOC regulations of some sort, whether it be to gain acceptance by retiring records from a period of 'inferior drug testing methods' or just to allow for heavier competition. They must have had some good reasons, this proposal has been voted down numerous times.


Step 1: find IPF meet Jan 1st
Step 2: open with ridiculously light weight so you are the first lifter in your weight class to lift
Step 3: Bask in the glory that is holding an IPF world record for several minutes
Step 4: Profit


Just saw this on powerliftingwatch. I can't understand the logic behind this switch. Especially since for most of the weight classes they made such small changes 67.5>66 ; 75>74 ; 82.5>83 ; 90>93. Does it really matter enough to wipe out all those records? I would maybe understand if they wanted weight classes to coincide with olympic lifting weight classes but this does not appear to be the case. I guess they could always keep the super heavyweight records.


I am not pleased. The span from my light weight class to my heavy weight class is around 26 lbs. I can walk around looking like a skeleton at 158, or I can walk around looking chubby at 185.

I'm assuming USAPL will adopt these classes.

I'm trying to decide whether I want to try to set state records in December, even though I was wavering about even doing the meet. I have the records easy if I bloat up to the next class...and no one will ever take them from me!


I bet I can open lighter than you!!!

I'd give a damn acceptance speech on the platform.


Step 4 should be: ??????
Step 5 is profit.

Gaw DD, get it right.


As I mentioned in my log, the tweaking with the weight classes combined with the new bench rules (which screw my arch) make me want to lift NASA until things are settled down in the USAPL/IPF.


Do it. I'm not seeing the downside.

On a serious note, I'm surprised it got through. I'm glad I just moved up, cutting that one more kilo would not be fun as it would have taken my water cut to just over 10lbs.


what are the new bench rules?




Personally this fits me perfect, I always have 5 or 6lbs to cut to make 60kg and it's a pain. I was just gonna go up a weight class anyways.
Although I do wonder why they didn't just align the classes with oly lifting.


Enjoying my dinner which is a bit larger than I was planning.





Great though. If you're 6'5 264 which is basically still lanky at that height, you'd be in the same class as someone at 5'10 ~300 or whatever.
And in order to ever have a chance at any record that isn't deadlifting, the lanky guy would have to gain what, another 60 pounds ? :wink:

Way to improve things.

Or hell, even at the same height it sucks...

Seems like there really should be at least one more class at the upper end, no?


I could be wrong on this one but I don't think many 5'10" guys get up to 300 pounds without drug use. It's definitely a bummer for the bigger guys and it was already rough in the ipf without the pretty common 308 class. But short people don't go far in sports such as strong man or basketball so maybe tall people just aren't cut out for powerlifting.


You can get up to 300 at 5'10 drug free (which is a pain in terms of food intake alone and probably not worth it for most... Drugs or no drugs, people don't usually want to go there training and diet wise, plus sleeping will likely become an issue), but obviously you'll be more than a little smooth no matter how strong. A little more smooth than just "off-season bodybuilder"... Then again, ~270+ is definitely doable if the trainee wants to go that far food and training-wise and it's roughly where I'm strongest relative to my bodyweight on the bench, for example...

I was mostly throwing the height thing in there to show how crass the difference can be in that one particular weight class and pretty much nowhere else.

Previously a tall guy, while quite possibly at a disadvantage in the bench (if we go with the tall = long arms stereotype and considering that he's not going to carry as much muscle relative to an inch of height or whatever) and possibly squat (long torso), would at least not have to compete against guys so much heavier than himself in the same damn class.

A 275 lb class tall guy with long arms at least has the deadlift going for him, usually, to sort of even things out compared to a 275 lb class shorter guy, and he wouldn't have to compete against 300 lb guys.
Most shorter guys in his class would be around 243-255 or something like that, he'd likely be more along the lines of 265+... Which originally helped even things out, but will now lump him in with the REALLY big and strong people.

It's all hypothetical of course and depends on the individual lifters (there are tall freaks weighing 275 who outdo most shorter guys outweighing them by 20+ lbs, but that's the exception to the rule imo), but I still think that the upper end is way too open, and lots of taller guys will have to be in that class if they want to really maximize their relative strength and go after records (except maybe on the deadlift), or even if they just want really big lifts and pack some serious muscle-mass or whatever (which can be a little hard in the 242's and 220's for a really tall guy I'd say).

Oh well, people will adapt and all, but I just don't see why it was necessary...


Hm, I'm beginning to like the idea of height classes more and more tbh.


From a purely self-interested standpoint, I'm not happy. I've got a lot of equipment that fits me very well at 242, I'm comfortable at this weight and I have my cut and re-hydrate pretty much down. With the changes I can either go to the new 264 class or down to 231. I can't comfortably hold 264, so that means I'm going down to 231 and getting all my gear re-sized. Bummer.