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weight class and weigh in?


This should be a fairly easy question. If I was in the 132lb class, do you have to be exactly 132 or are you aloud so much over or so much under and if so how much? Also, when do most organizations weigh you in? thanks for any help.


No, you can be 124-132.


Nope, can't be an ounce over the weight listed for that class. Usually, weigh-ins are done in the morning, so you have time to drop a little weight before weigh in and then chow down right after the weigh-in.


this all depends on the rules, organisation, sanctioning body, who does the weigh in, what level you fight at

I kick and thai box at a novice level and most novice and eevn pro fighters weigh in just before the fight ( a couple of hous before)
you can give or take 2 kgs usually

big time pros, k1 fighters etc will weigh in then ight before


Dark Assassin's right.

For what sport? Power lifting? MMA? Boxing?


My weighins have been the day before which allows for plenty of time to rehydrate.


If you are referring to wrestling (though I don't know of a 142 class), weigh in is exact. Though, on two day tournaments you are usually allowed an extra 2 lb on the second day.

Also, where I wrestled (Indiana), there was a 2 lb allowance for the state tournament.


Sorry, I was referring to powerlifting.