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Weight Class Advice

I’m 5 feet 10 inches and currently weigh 242. I’m switching to the usapl so I was taking about cutting to the 93kg weight class. What weight class do you think I should be?

Also how can I lose fat without losing strength

At 5 10" you’d probably be better off in the 105s, I believe is the class.

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Not that easily. You can lose fat and lose as little strength as possible, but at some point you will lose some strength. Check out Paul Carter’s article How to Stay Strong When Dieting.


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I am currently 110kg. But everything is hard, I look so fat and I get out of breath all the time. I will eventually want to fill out the 105 class but I want to get leaner.

In that case, take the time to drop down to 93 kg. It’ll take somewhere between six and 12 months. It’s doable. You just need to keep consistent, accept that you’ll temporarily lose strength and above all accept that you’ll spend a lot of time hungry AF.

I did something similar over the last year and a bit. I was around 105 kg, a bit less maybe, and took a year to get to a level of leanness I was happy with but is sustainable (I’m around 5 9’, BTW), which ended up around 83 kg and seems to have stabilised around 85 kg for the moment.

This article was gold, it’s what I based and still base my nutrition on.

For training, volume is your friend. You’ll lose minimal muscle if you hammer volume on main lifts and assistance.


IMO, unless you have a shot at a record, why drop down? Why not just get as strong and lean as possible at your current weight or higher? The only other reason to drop weight is a recurring health issue.

If that’s the case then definitely cut. You don’t necessarily need to set a goal weight, just cut until you’re not fat anymore. Some kind of cardio would be a good idea if you’re out of breath all the time, whether HIIT-type of stuff of just or regular low intensity cardio.

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