Weight Change in Two Weeks

2 weeks ago I weighed 55.1kg and today I weigh 56kg. I didn’t weigh myself at same time and roughly ate 1-2 hours before and that was a toffee muffin and a pint of milk. I’ve looked to see if I should decrease my calories but their’s only been “it depends”.

A difference of .9kg over the course of two weeks means there’s basically no actual change. Bodyweight can go up or down a few pounds in the course of one single day, so to be almost the same weight 14 days later means you’re maintaining.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? I mean everything - every food/drink and the general amount.

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I ate 400ml of semi skimmed milk with 6 weetabix and a crumpet, then went to college they give me free lunch vounchers so I got a pint of milk (568ml) and a muffin and then for dinner I had two tins of tuna (120g each) with 100g green lentils. After all that I had a monster ultra red zero calorie and 4 weetabix with 300ml of semi skimmed milk with 25g of zero palm oil, no added sugar and no added salt. All that is 2620 calories I log it in myfitnesspal

Good start. Do you track every single day?

For the last 2 weeks, what was your average daily calorie intake?

How many days in the last 2 weeks have you had under 2,400 calories?

How many days in the last 2 weeks have you had over 100g animal-based protein? (Yesterday wasn’t one of them)

9 times i’ve had over 100g of animal based protein that includes chicken,turkey and pork mince. I’ve only eaten at 2620 calories for the past two months. My average is about 2500 to 2600 calories.

Okay so… you’re getting almost enough protein a little over 50% of the time. Change that.

And you’re not eating enough calories to gain weight. Change that.

Fix those two steps and you’ll be on track to add size. Problem solved, glad to help, and you’re welcome. :fonzie:

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Should I lower my protein? Or up it? Yeah thanks for the replys :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was such a big emoji

Why would you lower your protein? Seriously. What would that accomplish?

You’ve got a point