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Weight Belt Makes Me Sore


So I am never sore after squats anymore. Especially in the TVS or lower back. Also I always go RAW never use a belt. However a few weeks ago I maxed out. I did 1 rep and I only used the belt for that rep. The next day my core area felt sore. Also yesterday I maxed out again belt for only 1 rep that day, and today im sore again. Sneezing is the most painful.

So just asking if anyone else has experienced this.


You're sore because it was a max attempt...


Yeah but I max out 3 times a week without a belt, or get close to my max, but never sore around the core, and never been sore in the abs or tvs after squats


Why are you maxing out 3 times a week? Most likely, the belt is giving you something to actually push your abs against so you're utilizing them more then you normally would, especially b/c its a max attempt.


So the belt increases pressure. Oh alright then. I don't use the belt that often though but I was worried about the soreness.

I max out 3 times a week because maxing out gives me the best results and squatting twice a week isn't enough.


whats the max weight? most people on this site would probably tell you to hold off on the belt unless you've got about 400+ pounds on the bar.

and i would agree with UAphenix, i dont think it is necessary to max out three times a week on squats. Im not sure if you a familiar with linear progression, but the system works very well and i think it would probably somewhat match up to your training program now. http://madcow.wackyhq.com/geocities/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm

in regards to the original question, "So just asking if anyone else has experienced this."

No i've never felt anything like what you describe from maxing out squats with a belt. I did use a belt to train previously, but stopped because veterans and professionals told me to stop.

The only time i've ever had pain laughing/coughing/sneezing is from doing a shit ton of specialized ab work.


I have only ever got Abs/core pain from doing crazy hard core work and that was only once. Well I know I won't be using the belt for a while though. I was just using it because of my ego. I stopped using the belt because I gain easily without it.

Thanks I have read about those programs, but I think i'll change my program once I plateau. It's just that I'm heavily influenced by BROZ and another kid on youtube who has unbelievable numbers for his age. Of course I'v only been lifting for around 6 months and still young.


i know the dude from broz you're talking about. his name is pat mendez he is strong as hell.


doesn't he have a vid of an 800 lb oly squat, no belt no knee wraps no brief no squat suit?

Jesus what a freak of nature.


Yes he is. Apparently that 800 squat was after something like 2 hours of training as well. Theres also a vid of him snatching 455. Insane strength.


Big fan of Broz, and Pat.

Here is a video of him at the USA nationals, competing in 105kg+ category, if you haven't seen it (3 months old).
(also has other broz lifters at the begining.)