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Weight Belt Injury?


Hey guys,
So i;ve been using a weight belt since I started lifting heavy (not since I started lifting, about ever since I hit 315 deadlift though, about a year ago). And recently, I injured my lower back from what I believe was deadlifting (I was wearing to belt to do those deadlifts), so I’ve been taking a break from deadlifts for a couple of weeks. For the first time since the injury, I tried doing bent over rows today. Holding the empty bar and doing a couple reps gave me some moderate pain, so I tried using my belt for support. After putting the belt on and doing one single rep of just the bar gave me very intense drilling lower back pain, and its now semi-painful to walk. Has anyone else experienced something like this, where wearing a belt has caused them to get hurt? Or know what could be responsible for this? I have looked everywhere on the internet and found nothing.
Also, I have made an appointment with my doctor for Monday.


See what the doctor says at first.


I used to have a problem where the belt was interfering with my bottom setup position in the conventional deadlift and was shifting out of position.

I bought a tapered belt which solved the problem.