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Weight Belt For O LIfter

I am looking for a weight belt for Olympic lifting. I want a very elastic belt instead of a thick leather one. I tried a synthetic Valeo belt but it was unconfortable in the bottom of the squat. Any suggestions.

What’s the point of an elastic belt? I’ve used my 13mm Inzer on oly and front squats. Strongmen use them in the log press.

But REH makes one an elastic one. Still makes little sense for the reasons you want it though.

I’ve seen strongmen use a REHBAND back support with a leather belt on top of that.

If you do a google search of REHBAND, I think theweakgeteaten.com has them. Try that with a thinner leather belt.

Also, Cardillo belts makes a tradional leather O-lifting belt. check them out.

Why wear the belt in the first place? I use a belt for over 90% 1RM PL movements, but never for any olympic lifts. I find the belt henders quick, deep movements and is damn uncomfortable. If you look at the elite lifters worldwide, most don’t wear one for snatchs, while some for C&J. Even then I think they wear it for the jerk more than the clean. Train the hell out of your posterior chains and abdominals and try to lose the artifical support.

The reason I want an elastic belt is so I can push my abs against it without it affecting my bottom position.