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Weight and Airlines

Okay, so what does everyone think about the airlines new plan to charge overweight people more money for their tickets? I haven’t really heard the details of it, is it based strictly on weight or is it on size?

It appears that the issue will be the size of the passenger, not their weight. Wait until the NAAFA crybabies get their hands on this issue. Another tailor-made ‘victimhood’ issue to oppress them. I say that I don’t want their sweaty ham arms and thighs spilling over into my already too-small airline seat. I travel by air frequently for work and nothing is more annoying than having an obese polyester momma loudly insist on leaving the armrest up because she can’t fit in the damn seat. Then I get to watch as she scarfs down every salt and fat-laden goody she can grab from the flight attendant, in addition to the usual carried-on stash of Snickers. Put 'em in cargo…

It’s based on size, not weight. I posted a message on the NAAFA board (where there’s a pretty heated discussion over this) about the safety factors and the economics of the airlines. Suffice it to say that most bodybuilders do as much for the safety issue as fat folk, but not so much the space issue (though broad shoulders can be a royal pain).

Air Canada is already in court over this. The company had the nerve to charge some cow professor for the two seats worth of space she was taking up. Imagine some whale haveing to actually pay for her size. What pisses me off is she thinks someone else (other passengers) should also be inconvenienced because of her size. She is suing for something like 100Gs or so. I guess she expects special treatment for her size. Speaking of cows. I was flicking channels the other day and I happened upon the View. Who do you think was on the show? Jennifer Port(pork)nick, the chic suing Jazzercise. The funny thing is she did about 20secs of kicking and jumping and she was out of breath for the rest of her 2mins of fame. What a fucking joke. Yeah she’s a great role(roll) model alright.

Hey, did that “Jazzercize” chick get Star (big fat chick of the View), to do some “jazzercizing” also? THAT would have been interesting. God, how I HATE that show. Thank god it’s only on during the late morning…

Hey, I think the airlines should have every right. The other seat that this overweight individual is taking up could be for another paying customer. And I believe alot of people are still not flying, so the airlines could use every dollar, in terms of airfare. But maybe the airlines should only do this (charge for two seats) if the flight is booked solid or a usually busy flight.

The article I read said that overweight customers would not be charged for the extra seat if the flight wasn’t full, and would have one ticket refunded if they bought two in advance.

…then I ask, “what’s the problem?” - Patricia.

overall iagree with charging the blobs more… unfortunately for us there is a flip side to htis and if you are a huge BBer you could forseably be charger mroe in the future

I think it’s fair, but I also think it’s fair that a large bodybuilder whose upper body protrudes into my seat is charged extra, too. That’s just as uncomfortable to me. It’s only equitable if you’re charged extra for whatever reason you don’t fit in your own seat.

Those airlines are privvate buisnesses, so they can kick people off a plane just for the hell of it can’t they? I think if someone is so big they encroach on someone else’s space they should have to pay extra, lardbucket or bodybuilder.

I’d be willing to pay more if I could just be a hyuge BB. Couple more Mag-10 cycles I guess. I got a skinny ass anyway.

That would have been hilarious if Star got up but no. I had to force myself to watch. It’s interesting though because the ladies were not that enthusiastic about the whole thing. I don’t think they really cared.

With respect to large shoulders encroaching into other seats, I disagree with the notion that such individuals should be charged for two seats. Now, I am no huge bodybuilder but currently I am 6’2", 291lbs, and wear a 60 size suit coat (I have naturally very wide shoulders). Granted, my bf% is higher than acceptable (21%), but my lower body and trunk region do not intrude into other seats. I solve the wide shoulder problem by asking for an aisle seat or simply turning my shoulders for the entire flight. These solutions produce discomfort (especially when the food cart clocks my shoulder repeatedly) but such discomfort is worth saving the price of a second ticket if the plane is full. Wide shoulder problems can be solved w/out purchasing second seats but I am not sure that an extremely obese individual whose fat mass protrudes into other seats can avoid such encroachment.

I’m with Heb.

Also, I have to say that, simply in terms of gross-out factor, I would rather sit next to a huge BBer than a NAAFA member. At least the BBer won’t be sweaeting all over me. Both should be charged extra, though, if they’re taking up more than one seat’s worth of space.

Almost correct there, I think. The airlines are private companies, but aren’t they still regulated by the federal gov’t? That would prove to be a problem in the “accept everyone no matter what” federal government. This would especially be a problem for the government considering how many of my federal co-workers are enormous blobs themselves. This would be the government would be having to pay extra every time one of them had to travel for official gov’t business.

On a side note, check out this interview I just found with the Porknick chick.

www.bigfatblog.com/ interviews/portnick.php

My favorite part of it is right at the beginning. “What do you think of people who perpetuate the “fat = unhealthy” myth?” Umm … I don’t know. People having heart attacks at 35?

The interesting thing is that at the NAAFA board some people aren’t just pissed, they’re demonizing the whole concept. Some of them believe it is about trying to turn fat people into some kind of subclass within society. Or that its about thin people needing validation and not wanting to have to even acknowledge the existence of fat people. Its kinda crazy.

Hey, I’ll pay double to sit NEXT to the huge BB’er.
On the local news recently, The NAAFA recently organized a march to promote, well, it remains unclear what exactly they were trying to promote, but they met at the starting point, milled around for awhile, then ditched the march & moved to the park across the street for a picnic.

The only airline that I know about was Southwest Airlines, which gave employees behind the check-in counter suggest that certain passengers may want to buy another ticket for their own comfort. There was no forced buying of two tickets involved at all. As for airline companies forcing larger people (fatasses and huge BBers) to buy two tickets; airlines are private organizations, but as a “public accomadation” they are forced to comply with federal laws about service. The reason that I feel that airlines will be able to actually enact such a measure is the size is not “suspect class.” A suspect class is something one cannot change such as race or national origin. If a given lardass chooses to never excercise and be fat, there are certain consequences to such a choice. Even if a person had a thyroid problem and couldn’t lose weight, the airline could still ask the person to buy two seats or a business class seat because the given fatass would pose a problem for everyone else in the immediate vicinity.