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Weighing In?

What should I eat the morning of a meet? I only ask because I seem to be eating too much, becasue I will weigh my self at home and be around 230 and when I get to the gym I am around 238. I have been eating 8 oz turkey sausage, a liter of water and some fruit. Is this too much? Too little? What are some of your experances?

Maybe your scale is inaccurate?

Lets use some logic here. Unless you took in 8 pounds worth of food and water, and did not urinate at all, then there is no way you gained that much between home and the gym.

I would have to say your scale and/or the gym’s scale, is inaccurate.

Are you weighing in at home before taking a shower and then showering and going to the weigh-in? It’s my understanding you can gain a lot of water weight by absorbing it through the skin in the shower.

Yeah, eight pounds seems like a discrepancy between your home and gym scales. But try just having just a few sips of water at home and seeing how much you weigh at the gym, and then rehydrate after you weigh-in.

Thanks for the responces. Just one more question after I weigh in should I eat or should I eat before (2-3 hours) I weigh in?


I assume you plan to lift as a 242? If so, your weight is fine regardless. There are two different aspects to look at.

Same day weigh in. Since your lift ratio at the end of the meet is dependant on your weight, the lighter you weigh in, the better the ratio. roughly 6-8hrs prior to bed the evening before stop eating and drinking. This will give your body enough time to digest what you’ve eaten. Wake up early enough to take a big ol’dump. This should give you about a 5-maybe 8lb weight loss without really affecting performance. As soon as your done weighing in, drink a full bottle of Pedialite (great for inducing a bloat!). Follow this with a big breakfest of whatever and lots of gatorade. You want as much fluid in your system to cushion your joints as possible. If you doubt the pedialite, in training drink a bottle several hours prior to training and gatorade there-after. BLOAT.

24hr weigh in. You really don’t have to do anything special with this much time. You could easily follow the above advice but save the pedialite for bedtime and the morning of the meet. You could also get a bit more drastic in cutting weight, but that takes alot of practice to pull off without hurting your lifts. J.M. Blakely has a good book on this available at Elitefts.com.

When I wake up the morning of a meet I usually have a decent breakfast10 eggwhites and some hot ceral(maltomeal or cream of wheat)Then it’s drive time. I try not to do meets too far away. Most meets weigh in si aroung 9am. After I weigh in I always go out to a dennys or cocos and have the biggest steak they offer. I don’t care that it is a cheap steak. All the protein and fat give me the energy to last the whole meet. Rarely is there enough time to stop between lifts and eat. Bring lots of water as you do not want to be dehydrated when your going for max pushes or pulls.