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Weighing Food

I have some questions that need answering when cutting is it recommended to weigh your food on a scale? 

If so, when weighing food look frozen chicken and vegetables, do you weigh it when it is frozen, thawed out, or fully cooked?


IMO it’s wise to measure food regardless of your diet goals UNTIL you have a really good idea of the exact portion size in the foods you eat regularly. Doing it for every food, all the time is just dumb, unless you’re going into competition or something.
But say you add a new food to your diet (most are measured pre-cooked/raw) and want to get a good idea of just how much the suggested serving size is…measure it.

It’s ridiculous how little product you get per suggested serving size when it comes to some foods.

Example - my gal saw a “healthy” recipe that was a breakfast consisting of fat-free yogurt, added plain granola and some added frozen fruit. It was in a US magazine so the oz measurements don’t add up to our metric system labels so easily. So she just pours a bit of this, bit of that.

Well I measure how much granola she’s putting in. Even though it looks like a regular poured bowl of cereal amount it adds up to 120g. 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT SUGGESTED on the label!! Measured out the suggested 40g size to get her 20ish grams of carbs and it SO SMALL.

Pastas, rice, quinoa, oats or anything else dense is like this too.

Meat is easy. 3oz (100g raw) is roughly the size of a deck of cards and in most lean cuts of meat (beef, pork, poultry, fish) it equates to roughly 18-25g of protein.

Frozen or raw veggies are easy too because most are so low in calories (broccolli, spinach, salad, cauliflower, etc, etc, etc) the more you eat, the better.
I usually just take out my frozen mixed veggies from the freezer (broccolli, cauliflower, yellow and orange carrots mix found at Costco) and pour 2-4 cups worth.

If you are completely clueless as to why you seem to be working hard and not getting results and your food selections seem to be appropriate - portion over-sizing may be why.

I’ve got two of these super cheap, but effective scales. Work great!

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As to your question. I echo AT that weighing food is a good idea, at least until you become good at estimating by juct looking at it. I’ve also never found much of a difference in the weight of frozen vs. thawed food, at least not by much. The only way it would be different is if the food has a high water content itself. Typically meat does not.