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Weighing Food


Im not big on weighing my food...but I try to atleast have 100g of chicken breast each meal. Now, when I weigh my chicken before its cooked it weighs close to 200g, after being cooked it weighs 100g-150g. (I know cooking the chicken dries it out and causes it to weigh less) My main concern is, which is the accurate weight? Before or After cooking?

Another quick questions.

Is lettuce a good source for green veggies? Cuz my family has a series of Gout, and they have to stay away from Green Beans.


I use http://www.nutritiondata.com/index.html , it has various nutritional info for different cuts of meats. I am not saying it's the most accurate thing in the world, but I always use its stats for the raw meat unless they're on the package, which they never are. I figure however I cook it, the nutrients aren't going to go away.

As for lettuce, iceberg lettuce is kinda useless according to what I've read. It looks like cabbage or spinach are better if you're looking for leafy greens.


The nutrient contents that I use for food amount always talk about cooked meats. All my clients weigh their meats after they have been cooked.

Stick with spinach and other green veges. iceburg lettuce is just water.


Thanks Guys... I knew the lettuce was no good.

I appreciate the replies!!! Thanks Again!!!