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Weigh Your Powdered Supps!!!!!


For those of you who don't know: The dose spoon that comes with your powdered supplement isn't always right, I found out. I've bought a variety of different products and surprisingly, the spoon was not the serving size listed on the nutritional info most of the time after weighing on a digital scale.

On some products, the weight was only right WITH the spoon, and with others it was just completely off! Maybe I'm just unlucky with my sups, anyone else find this?


Yeah, though for different reasons. If you have tried a ton of different supps you have scoopers everywhere. You lose them. They get swapped into different containers.... Good meaning house members collect them in one place in the name of "tidyness"....

Ive given up. I work on the more is better when dealing with proteins, etc. Larger scoops with the bigger scoop.


well, I certainly don't 'swap' the scoops, I always weigh them when I first open the bottle. I'm also looking for an exact amount of protein, not just the biggest scoop in my collection.

For example: I want 50 grams of protein in my post-workout shake. The protein I just bought says that each scoop is 30 grams with 21 grams of protein (not the best, I know).

So with these figures, I need to put two whole scoops and about a third of another scoop to get about 50 grams of whey. BUT, when I weighed the scoop, it weighs 9 grams, and the powder that fits in the scoop is only 21 grams.

SO, if I wasn't so obsessive and just trusted the nutritional info, putting 2 1/3 scoops would only give me about 34.3 grams of protein in my shake, in effect depriving me of almost a THIRD of my protein after EVERY
WORKOUT that I would use this particular protein, not to mention the other times in the day that I may want to take it.

Not only in proteins have I seen this, but also in glutamines, creatines, and creatine mixes as well.

Hell, I just weighed some AA pills that I have, it says 4 is 6 grams, but they weigh 9!!!

And no, my scale is not broken.

I hope somebody else tries this and lets me know what they think


Where I get my supplements from they always weighed out to be exactly what I ordered. Maybe buy from someplace more reputable?


The total contents of each bottle are perfect, the problem is with the scoops...


=) Well, atleast when you have weighed out your scoop you could drill a hole in the handle. Add some string and your set. You should never have to weigh again. Me, im going to throw out most of these damned scoops.


every powder is a different composition and weighs differently. guess nobody that's serious cares, I thought that maybe it was just a little important you know, knowing how much of a supplement you are actually consuming



The one thing I'm certain about is that different people use scoops differently. Most supps don't even bother telling you if the scoop is to be levelled or heaped. And I know from experience that even a heaped scoop can fluctuate more than 20% depending on how much heaped you make it.

So yeah, your best bet is to weigh 'em supps yourself.


Folks I've been using a digital scale for a few years now...and let me tell you it his by FAR the most used appliance I have ever had. Every single meal, every single thing I measure. Meat, whey, olive oil, etc. Forget measuring cups, forget the anxiety of not knowing if you put in the right amount of powder...this is your ultimate solution. Worth every last penny.

Get one NOW.


Over thinking the minutia a little guys? I mean if you have absolutely ever macro in your diet nailed down to the nearest gram, then yes weighing your protein powder scoops would be the logical choice. I can't imagine many need to actually do that though.


Interesting read for sure. Im gonna check out the bag of ON whey within the next day or two just for kicks. On another note.. anyone looking for a digital scale check out this ebay store.


Someone posted a link to them some time ago on here and I orderd from them recently. Quick service, decent product and cheap.


I got this digital scale at a church sale for a buck and use it to weight out my bulk meats for freezing, but I'm not ready to weigh my supps. Go ahead I suppose, it's not gonna hurt anything, but a few grams this way or that doesn't matter unless you are at the very top of elite athletics somewhere and even then it's arguable.


Everybody wants to major in the minor shit.

Honestly folks.

2 grams difference isn't going to hurt.


Who is talking about 2 grams?!? In my particular case with my protein, if I didn't weigh the scoop I would be losing more than 20 grams of powder and more than 15 grams of protein probably not very serious either, honestly folks.


Who are you getting your protein powder from?


The rest is probably the capsule or binders or some other inactive ingredient.


the protein is Nitrobol from World Gym, but the weights are off in others as well, weigh your own and see!!!


In reply to the 2 grams isn't going to hurt, and minutia guys... I got a scoop with some granular protein, and each scoop was 20 grams. With a new pwo drink i'm using, the same scoop contains 40 grams. If I'm expecting 100 grams, and find out that I'm getting 200, it makes a difference. Three times a week is almost half a pound BW. Weigh your supps!


What does that have to do with weighing? If the scoop is 40g you should know that. What the OP is concerned about is that whenever he scoops he may get 38, 39, 41, etc. instead of the 40. It doesn't make a difference. If you are using a scoop design to be 40g and think it's 20 you are just stupid.


I would be more concerned that that the POWDER does not actually contain the amount of protein stated on the label as opposed to the scooper being off by a hair...