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Weigh Meat Before or After Cooking?

Precision Nutrition: Do I weigh the meat before or after cooking?



I think it is a matter of preference, but do the same thing all the time. I like to weigh mine after I cook it.

Hope this helps!


When X ounces of meat is listed as an ingredient, you weigh it before. Meats will weigh different amounts before and after cooking, as a lot of water and some fat will run off during the cooking process.

From CT’s forum:

"Meat loses weight when it’s cooked. That’s because it looses water. The protein content stays the same.

For example if 4oz of uncooked chicken provides 24g of protein and that onces cooked it now weights 3oz, it still has 24g of protein. The lost weight is from water, not protein.

NOW, there might be some protein degradation from the cooking, but this will be non-significant.

So you can simply measure your food raw, get the protein content, it will be around the same once cooked.

Or if you are the anal type, you can measure it cooked. In that case… and this is somewhat variable depending on the cut:

Lean Ground beef = about 8.5g protein per oz (cooked)
Lean Ground Turkey = about 9.33g protein per oz (cooked)
Lean chicken Breast = about 8.5-9g protein per oz (cooked)
Egg white = 3.5g protein
Whole egg = 6g protein
Salmon = about 7g protein per oz (cooked)

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