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Weeks of Protein Deprivation?


i recently came across the "optimum anabolics" program,the guy professes 3 weeks of protein deprivation after every 6 weeks of high (regular) protein diet........... his theory,it will send " emergency signals" to back up systems and increase production of test ,gh and igf manifold.....
plus immediately after protein deprivation ends, muscles would hang on to more protein just like a person who comes "off" a crash diet gets fatter!!!!!


The theory isn't new, but three weeks sounds excessive.


I don't know anything about the science behind it, but some people just put theories out there for the sake of being different from others IMO


I wouldn't risk the experiment on myself, but interested to see actual examples and results.. Does this guy have any actual test examples for his theory? I would not imagine the boost in test, gh, protein metabolism to be significant enough to warrant any significant changes especially after a period of time after the diet alterations.


I think CT recommends like a day per week of low protein to ensure that protein doesn't become a preferred source of energy.