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Weekly workout

I’m currently practising traditional and brazilian Jiu Jiutsu 4 times a week. On the days I do this I’m too drained of energy to do any strength building exercises. I have tried adding 2-4 day split routines before, but the conclusion always seems to be that it’s too much to handle. Since each muscle takes approx. 4 days to recover, I figured that a one hour complete body workout a week would be better than nothing. I try to alternate upper and lower body, have short resting periods and do supersets (SS) with 10 reps each excersise. Here is my routine:

Negative leg presses
Sissy squats
Calf raises

Leg extensions
Leg curls

Bench press
Incline flys

Incline bench press
Pec Decs

Arnold press
Upright rows

Pulldowns/Chin ups
Cable rows

EZ-prayer curls
Sottman curls

(Bench) dips
Triceps cable push downs

Swiss ball sit ups, crunches and negative sit ups are done in between the late ss.

I know i should include more explosive exercises like squats, deadlifts, power cleans and snatch, but I have left them out for a while due to a knee injury. Lower back and grip strength is ignored at the moment.

My question is: Am I wasting my time? My goal is not to become a UFC champion, but more to have progressive gains and look good nekid. I feel satisfied with my progress so far, even though it’s not at a bodybuilding level.

The “completely drained” feeling will pass after enough time on the mat. Here’s a secret that really helps: EAT MORE FOOD. If you roll for 4 ten minute rounds, you’ll burn around 400 calories. That’s like circuit training. Don’t eat afterwards and you’ll be destroyed and sore for days. I learned the hard way. Eventually, you’ll adapt to high-volume work and be able to hit both the weights and mat regularly.